Liralen's Adventure Through Life
October 1998
 1: Perfect House Guest
 2: A Celebration of Existence
 4: Raindrops Fallin' On My Bug
 5: Dealing
 6: Talked Out Of It
 7: Long-term Solutions
 8: Stormy Day
 9: 525,600 Minutes
10: Chocolate Cake and Plotting
11: Holy Moments
12: Reunion
13: Gap-toothed Grin
14: Socks on a Rooster
15: Healing Proof
16: Scramble
20: Sucked in by Work
21: Spoke Too Soon
22: No Sleep for the Busy
25: Sourdough Weekend
26: Mostly Done... Almost
27: Rain
28: Quiet
29: Playin' Hookie
30: Almost Halloween
31: Halloween

A pretty cool month, all together. Though mostly eaten up with work and all the things that had to get done to get a release out the door, it was also highlighted with my birthday, a visit from Cera, and actually getting completely through the process with a product that was nice and solid when it got out the door.

Bad things included my bridge breaking off yet again, dealing with the consequences of likely having to change dentists, and the need to be watchful about my health, my habits, and how I take care of myself in the midst of release madness. I get closer to crispy critterness than I like.

Saviours included NorthWest spectacular scenery and weather and the flame colors of Fall. Also the kids that John coaches were a real uplift of the spirit. Reminds me of what it is like to be young. We also took the time to play hookie when it was all done and the brake was quite the relief.

A new obsession for the month includes sourdough cultures and what can be done with them, and learning at a gut level just how easy it is to make the daily bread. Also learning the wonder of growing things and figuring out how to keep something alive and growing and happy with regular feedings.

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