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October 11, 1998
a year ago

Holy Moments

I actually had my Sabbath while driving to church. It was way too early in the morning, the sun was starting to come over the eastern horizon, which is far later than it might seem. Our East horizon happens to include both mountains and the bulk of the Plateau in the way. Also, with the shortening of the days, dawn is happening much later than before.

So, by the time I was driving to get to the church by 8, the sun was just starting to work its way over the horizon, spilling gold and light into the Issaquah Valley. Lake Sammamish had fog rising from its blue gray surfaces, and the fog in the air was lifting, so there were ragged banners of fog flung through darkness and the rising light. All of that was backdropped by the Cascade mountains, great black hulks of stone in the distance, slowly unveiled by the fog into looming presence against the sky.

Church itself was somewhat of a disappointment. Ah well. That was certainly a hard act to follow.

But I had my moment. That was good enough. There are reasons to stop and see and feel and know the presence of Something Much Bigger Than I. The sermon was supposed to be on why people go to church, and why church is an important part of any person's life. But Lee never got the heart of the problem or the question, instead, she put down about half a dozen reasons why some people go to church, just saying that they were all the wrong reasons. She never really gave a good reason, and completely missed the heart of the lesson behind Luke 17 11-19. Or, more accurately, she missed the heart of what I got out of the scripture lesson, which is that thanksgiving is a necessary part of worship. That it's not good enough to simply be healed, or given gifts, or be made whole. That in addition to that one should give thanks, not just as an acknowledgement that the thing was done, but also as an acknowledgement of where it came from, that there are some things out of our control that work in our favor.

Sometimes I think it's important to know that there are positive forces in our lives, to acknowledge them and know them things that we had not left alone with nothing but things to complain about.

I got through deacon duties without too many hitches. Most of the hitches were introduced by Lee forgetting how the service was supposed to work, and forging her own way through. Ah well.

The afternoon was spent napping, watching football, baseball, and generally resting. Then, in the evening, I had fun doing a full out preparation of lasagna. Did the noodles by hand, did the sauce from scratch, used a tub of fresh mozzarella that we had sitting in the fridge and used some of the half gallon of half and half for the bechamel sauce. So it was all from stuff we already had. I just wasn't in the mood to buy yet more groceries. Plenty of garlic and basil in the sauce, plenty of real parmesan everywhere else. It's a good salt substitute, that stuff, for savory addition to the mix. It turned out beautifully. Though, for a moment, I was juggling the last of the sauce making, the 10 second cooking of the noodles and trying to get the milk hot enough for the bechamel. That was pretty fun.

The evening was more baseball and football and then we went to sleep. I wasn't surprised to dream of football.

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