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October 21, 1998

Spoke Too Soon

So, even before getting home last night, John handed me a few more bugs to tackle. Wheee...

A few things that happened during the days were that it's been perfectly clear and sunny here since Sunday. Another was that Monday evening, for the first time in a few weeks, I finally compensated for stress with exercise instead of eating or sleeping or jumping in the hot tub. So I was pretty sore, yesterday. I'm feeling okay today, and might even have enough time, tonight, to do some more. Moved the exercise cycle to the kitchen, near the livingroom so I can watch football or baseball or hockey while riding. Makes it a lot easier.

And I have fun sprinting when I see someone on the screen sprint. That's probably why I hurt so much the next morning. <laughter> I need to do that more often. I am so out of shape that it's pretty funny to even think about playing in a soccer game where there will likely not be substitutes or even enough people for a full team.

Bought dinner last night from the Taqueria de Gallo. Yum. Simple, hot, lovely food. The walk with Fezzik was lovely, the clear sky making the night sky so completely brilliant with stars, the band of the Milky Way was so bright. It's so nice to live far away from the City and all the lights, so that we can see thousands of stars with just the naked eye. Saw the Subaru constellation, was thinking about it from an entry in another journal. The air was so lovely and cold and Fezzik danced along for most of the walk, going around and around and exploring everything.

When we got back I took all the sourdough I'd been growing and made biscuits. Pulled a recipe from the Web that seemed simple enough, but from the ratios, it really looked like they'd just accidentally left out a full cup of starter, as with the amounts they were talking, I'd have had rocks, the extra starter made it into a nice, soft dough that would rise easily. Had 'em rising in the warm oven while we watched TV, then baked 'em while I was getting ready for bed, and then we pulled 'em out after we hot tubbed. They came out sounding hollow, light, and well risen. The FAQ and stuff say to use the sourdough for pancakes and biscuits to start, until it gains enough momentum or something to raise entire loaves of bread, but I've a feeling this stuff could do entire loaves already as I only gave the biscuits a 30 minute rise time, admittedly in a warm oven, but they doubled, easily.

We had 'em in the morning with sharp cheddar and well-browned sausage. They were nice, not too sour as I'd used some baking soda in the dough, and well risen and soft on the inside. Not hockey puck material. And sour enough, so that was kinda cool. Interesting taste to 'em, and I liked the texture, so I'll probably keep growing this stuff. Put half a cup of the starter into the fridge before mixing everything else in, so that should work for pancakes on the weekend.


Uhm. It's about 7:40pm. I am... uhm... yeah, right, brain dead.

Thanks to anyone and everyone that did a well wishing, prayer or other form of hope for my friend in surgery. The procedure went excellently well, nothing extra nasty was found, and recovery will be of the minimal time length. Thank everyone and everything.

That made me quite happy.

Got one bug cleared up in about half an hour, went through a list of fifty plus odd verifications and they all worked, but one; but I knew about that one and it's already listed and known. Then spent the rest of the day, and the entirety of the afternoon beating on this one bug in code I've never seen before, hadn't written and had no idea how it was supposed to work.

Now I know. Luckily, in part, it's a bug that users just shouldn't even come into contact with, on the most part. I know something of the cause, narrowed it down to specific new code and then again to specific addition to new code and my brain is still hurting in a double loop of recursion through four classes that deal with three files that have goto's about eight thick and three hierarchies deep.

Uhm. I feel a bit like toothpaste squeezed out of the tube...

I think I'll go home.

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