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October 30, 1998
a year ago

Almost Halloween

The black silk Peterman's tailcoat is an elegant bit of work. The tails swing with each step, and the sleeve length is perfect on my arms and with the shirts I wear. It's also black and silk and satin. It looks just a little like the coat that the Cat in the Hat wears, and when I wear it with the red and white striped hat, I can tell people that I'm being the Cat in the Hat and while they might laugh, they also say, "Okay."

It might take a bit of imagination stretch, but I even buttoned the top button on my collar and made myself a red ribbon bowtie.

Fun. The black liquid velvet tights are actually pretty much Eat-All-Light black in their fuzziness, and so go pretty well with black boots to make a black cat kind of impression. Though I don't know. It just looks kinda cool.

So I went to work that way, with John, and we stopped by Victor's and I got compliments. At work, we worked, and I wandered off to lunch with James, who enjoyed the coat and we talked a while and got caught up as it's been a while since we've had lunch. That was fun, and the Brown Bag was cool, though no one was dressed up, yet. That'll likely wait until tomorrow.

Work had a Halloween party for lunch, which I missed, but got back in time for the cake and to get my picture taken with John, and that was cool. Not many people dressed up. Spent the afternoon mostly working on my pages, and on some ideas for new stuff for the next step on the products. But things are slow, including my brain. Wandered about the MUSH's, and I'll likely go home around 5 p.m.. Not much to do. The tie and the collar are making breathing harder, so I may as well just go home afterwards and take all that off and not worry about it.

Contemplating taking the aromatherapy stuff home, too, just for fun and to try things out in a less confined environment.

One great thing is that the sourdough cultures arrived from Sourdough International last night, so I'm thinking through consequences and what I really want to do with them. There has to be an initial growing sequence under 85 degree temperatures, where the starter can easily double in volume, so that one can easily get two or even three cultures going of each type. That would be interesting to store that much, and to find some jars to put it all in. I might drop by the local thrift store to see if they have canning jars.

Maybe look for a real red bowtie as well.

Didn't do the above, at all, instead, stopped by a grocery store and picked up a box of quart sized canning jars for less than ten dollars. Can't quite beat that. We didn't have any Halloween candy and eventhough no one's made it to our door in the last several years, we thought we'd get one bag of Reese's peanut butter cups and if they made it out, we'd give 'em some, and if not, we'd have our or own Halloween candy. Also bought a third of a pound of crab meat, and when we got home I made crab cakes again. This time with enough of the ingredients that were called for in the recipe and this time, it came out just as good, if not better than the last time. The fresh bread crumb really makes a difference to the crispness of the final cake, and using normal mayo kept the taste of the crab completely central to the cake. It was really, really good.

I enjoyed that.

It's always good to have crab cakes that are essentially just crab, sweet, salty and the tender bite of real crab meat. They were gently crisp on the outside and tender and mildly spicy with the herbs and spices on the inside and we had them with tender peas.

The Yukon sourdough went into a jar, as well as the commercial stuff I've been playing with, and the two jars went into the dryer. Turns out that John's dad had included two bits of wood to stop up the top vents so that the box could be turned into an incubator, and so I set the lights to a level that the inside of the box was at 85 degrees and I put the yeasties in the box and let 'em grow.

I set 'em in before I started dinner, by the time we were about to go to bed, the Yukon had simply separated flour and water, so I mixed it back up again. The stuff I've been using had bubbled up happily, so I took two cups of it, added more flour and water back into the jar to put the starter back together again, and then mixed up pancake batter from the stuff I pulled out. All three went into the incubator, and we went to sleep.

In between, John got pretty involved in the second Bandicoot game. That was pretty cool to watch, and it's both a game that requires more precision and a game that allows for more mistakes than the last version. It's less frustrating, on the whole, but requires more skill in certain sections, so I'm pretty happy with the new game compared to the old one, seems that they listened to people and what their biggest complaints might be, and got them right this time. That was cool to see, eventhough, we weren't the ones that complained. We also saw advertisements for the *next* Bandicoot game. That should be fun.

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