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October 29, 1999
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Dim Sum, Party and She-Creature

Started with a bug review of epic proportions, then I went on to dim sum with the group out in Denver.

The Empress. That's the really great dim sum restaurant in Denver. I loved it and it was really, really, really good today because we arrived around 11:30, ordered our stuff and everything they brought us was fresh. Crisp, hot, or steamed soft and all of it perfect and made to order or brought to us when they were just done with making it. It was really, really good.

What was even better was that it was really a first experience with dim sum for a lot of people. The variety and tastes and textures were very new to some and they all really, really enjoyed it. That was a very good introduction, and I really had fun watching people learn about things. John actually ordered everything, and we got all our favorites along with the Chinese broccoli, turnip cake, sticky rice, and all the other goodies. There were at least ten different things for people to try and it ended up with everyone really enjoying what we got and being amazed at the price, which turned out to be less than $10 per person.

Everyone in the group was really happy with what we ate and we even brought food back for the folks that had decided that they couldn't go.

I realized that all the work that I'd done before the FAE conference, where I'd thought through all my classes, all my dynamics, and all the planning for the code was gone from my head. I had no idea what I'd planned to do nearly two weeks ago and it was going to take a good deal of effort to get it all back. Oops. I'd written down what I'd thought were the essential notes, back then, but now I had no idea what half the notes meant, much less what I had to do.

That was scary.

Then I realized that on Monday I could just stay at home and work there, on my own, without anyone else bothering me. That in order to do that I had to get my machine up to snuff, have all the stuff to build things on my local machine and I had to test it before the weekend.

Genevieve tempted me into a session of League and as I played, I pieced together my machine. Bits here, pieces there, toolboxes entire to be copied onto my hard drive. There are problems with being too dependent on the network. Luckily, all it took was unplugging my network connection to see if things might work. It looked like they would, so when work and stuff was over, we took it home.

In the midst of all that prep, Xilinx Boulder also had a Halloween party. A lot of people expressed disappointment that John and I hadn't dressed up. I'd actually Dressed Up, with a black velvet broomstick skirt, purple silk shirt and purple vest, that all went pretty well together. My logic was that if the spirits looked for me like this they'd never find me on a usual day. But I really wasn't in the mood for partying or people interaction much, anymore. I'd had plenty of it for the last several weeks and really was more in the mood to just hide away.

So gaming was very nice. John and I got home not too late, got dinner and then watched all the Halloween specials, including the She-Creature. We'd seen the balloon that had the 'mask' of the She-Creature as the basis of how it was built at Albuquerque, so we had to watch the original movie. That was very cool. I enjoyed that a lot and it was black and white, with really cool lighting and lots of shadowed shots. The rubber suit was really nicely made and turns out to have been reused in a number of other movies as well. The basis was that of past-life hypnosis stuff and was kinda fun to watch. John fell asleep near the denouement, and so we went to sleep when it was done. A good way to start a Halloween weekend.

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