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September 10, 1998
a year ago


Well, the deck certainly didn't hurt my hands. I'm typing again, happily and with a lot more endurance than even before the weekend. I think something healed and the extra muscle workout that I did for the construction helped something. I should probably keep up my arm exercises as this really does help.

The engineer finally called a close to the investigation of his problem after he ran the mechanism in a test app all night and all day. His application that uses the mechanism is still hanging, but, for reasons I just don't understand, even *after* testing the mechanism like that, he blames the mechanism rather than his application. This bothers me to the core of my engineering soul, but I can't change his beliefs, even with the evidence presented. Luckily, he decided to close it off anyway, until they run into enough problems in the field that they have to get me to do something about it.

Hopefully that'll just be never.

But it didn't happen until late afternoon today. He did also thank me for the help. Problem is that I have more patience for just about anyone than anyone else would reasonably have. I have to watch that. The nice thing is that I finally have room to breathe and really do the things I'm actually more effective at.

Did do my exercises yesterday, but was so tired it was really, really hard, not to mention that by not doing them for so long, it was even harder. Sadly, the stationary bike seems to have picked up a bad, bad squeaking somewhere that we can't get at with an oil can and it's driving me crazy. Another reason, I think, that I've been avoiding the darned thing. Drat.

Then Fezzik disappeared on John while John was outside dealing with the hot tub and the BBQ hook-up. I called for him a couple times and he didn't come back, so we assumed he'd wandered off, so John went off to find him, leaving the check and coupon for our pizza with me. I was so sore from the bike that I just wanted to sit and I have to admit I was a little upset that John hadn't kept an eye on Fezzik while he was out there. Though, admittedly, he was busy.

John came back from walking our usual route and found Fezzik lying on our back porch.

I think Fezzik has gotten used to sticking around the house.

The pizza guy came when John got home, and we had pepperoni with red onions on one half and pineapple and Canadian Bacon on the other. Yum. Munch. I munched three pieces, easy, and then was much more cheerful. With the extra cheer, I asked John if he wanted to do the walk again, with Fezzik and me this time. So we did. It was much more cheerful, and the stars were brilliant points in a moon-free sky. Fezzik stomped all over my heels and the backs of my Birkenstocks as we were going up the driveway because I was moving so slow and I had a dog biscuit in my pocket. Ow ow ow...

But the walk was good, all in all, and we got to talk. That was good.

We also delivered all the emergency food bags, and stopped by Uwajamaya to find lunch and they had a roast duck plate for less than five bucks. I had to have it, and it was sweet and crisp of skin and tender of meat and it was very, very good with rice. The vegetables were a little raw, still; but for the amount I paid, it wasn't a problem. A duck lunch isn't something I can find in very many places.

Kathy called this morning to double check on the weather. Today was supposed to be rainy, but it was as clear as a bell. They've pushed it back another day, but it's only supposed to be cloudy and still supposed to be clear and bright on Fezzik's Party Day.

For most of the day I've been doing okay with work, getting somewhere, that was good. When I could ignore the interrupts, it worked out well.

Played a bit in Genevieve's game last night, a long bit where Sephar actually gets put in a trap and dragged down to Hell with Hitherby and Sarah and Daimon are taken as well. Pretty intense stuff, and I was bouncing on adrenaline for most of the rest of the evening. Scary stuff in some ways. But Sephar got some data out at the right times, I think.

Mostly I'm just tired, now.

Bone tired. With the release, with the wearing on my nerves by needs I cannot quite meet. With all the things that still need to be done for the party and all the things that I may have to deal with after. Kathy is coming tonight, we get to pick her up latish. John has the soccer practice, and we still have to hook up and test the BBQ before the party. I should call someone about a cake and I've now got a notebook where I keep my brain, or at least a memory of all the lists of Things That Are To Be Done and Gotten.

Half of me wants to just hide in a closet for the party. The other half is rather pleased with the 60+ RSVP's and various people promising to bring stuff as well as dogs and kids as well as wonder, fun, and tales. It really should be fun party, with lots of people that we enjoy, and lots of good food. The parties have been a lot of fun in the past, and not too much trouble for cleanup.

I actually think Fezzik will have a great time, no matter what. He's a very social dog, and really enjoys the attention. In a lot of ways he is a lot like John, with no fear.

I'm staying late again, because of John's soccer practice, but writing and reading and wandering about the net as well as talking with Fiat folks. Amusingly enough, I'm starting to rely on the dictation software for spelling. I've never been good spelling, and now with something to do it for me, I seem to be getting even worse. I finished testing and debugging the latest addition to the software, so I'm done a little ahead of schedule. That is good, and I already have my assignment for next week, and it's going to be an interesting one as well as a difficult one. Hopefully, we've finished enough by the end of this week that the application my small group is working on can be used in the mean build and tested with everything else.

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