Liralen's Adventure Through Life
September 1998
 2: Sunny Days
 7: Screw It
 8: Ugh, Early
10: Breath
11: Shopping Frenzy
12: Party Day
13: Sunny Sunday
15: An Odd Greyness
17: Cloudy Days
18: Goin' Crazy Over You
19: Jay is Cool
20: Of Gifts and Groups
21: Six-String Samurai
22: Of Pie Plates, Suits and Bikes
23: Cool Day
24: That's Not Rain!
25: Cookies
26: Tiramisu and Rent
27: Lazy Sunday
28: Nothing To Do But Jump Over the Moon
29: Stop Thinking
30: Opposable Thumbs

A pretty hard working month with a deck screwing to out do all deck screwings follow, hard-on, by a birthday party for a dog that out-numbered nearly all the parties we've ever put on in our lives. So it worked really well. We found out that the brand new deck actually stood up to all the people.

A trip to the Bay Area to meet the ineffiable Jay and then the splendid surprise of getting to see Six-String Samuri and find a new cult film for me to completely love. As usual, the best bits were with Carl, getting to talk and think and do new fun stuff with him and the Horde.

The surprises didn't stop with an exploration of tiramisu as a mystery and seeing Rent with Regis and Cera and folks. Rent is still stuck in my head and it's all Cera's fault.

Finally ended after a 24 hour flu variety of mid-life crisis and a most excellent visit by Bryant as prep for my upcoming birthday.

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