September 13, 1997

Had blueberry pancakes this morning. Also, last night, Ginger and Kirk went with us to Billy McHale's and we had beers and food and a nice long bitch session about all the things that were going on at work. We ended up getting a copy of Dangerous Creatures and taking it home to watch it. Kirk had never meet Fezzik before and that was fun, and Kirk thought Fezzik was more bear than dog.

They really enjoyed the kitchen, liked the new bathroom, and then we sat down and watched the movie with a few more beers. It was hilarious, and it really did reprise the roles that Michael Palin, John Cleese, Jamie Lee Curtis and whatshis name did in A Fish Called Wanda. It was just wonderful. I also found out, at the video store that Fargo was directed by the folks that directed Raising Arizona, so I'll have to watch that sometime.

Actually filled in the last bit of yesterday's report today. We just washed Fezzik and the day is beautiful and sunny, and we have one of John's kids' team's games today at 2pm, so I'm going to wander off and find some lunch and watch their game with Fezzik. They like having a giant dog for a mascot, eventhough they're called the Wildcats.

© 1997 by Liralen Li

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