September 15, 1997

We went shopping for a housewarming gift and possibly a wedding gift before the game because afterwards we'd be heading for the Sastin's housewarming fairly quickly. So we stopped at the brand new Redmond Town Center and basically found out that it's filled with tiny, very expensive shops that didn't have what we wanted or needed.

We eventually ended up in the Redmond Saturday Market and walked around there, buying local honey and a gravel flowerpot that could hold a regular flowerpot with ease. It was very pretty.

The game was really exciting to watch, as both teams really hustled and boys that young throw their bodies into whatever they're doing. These boys were just fearless, on the most part, and did stuff I was just astonished at, eventhough some of it was simply from not knowing how to control dives for the ball. They did really well, on the most part, and other parents said that the team that they were playing was one that they had never beaten or even come close to before.

The weather was cool and clear and bright. Fezzik loved being on the field with all the kids running over to pet him and all the people and a few other dogs.

Afterwards we all went to get pictures taken at a local high school and then rambled home to get the more easily driven car. I also planted a couple very healthy spider plants that I had into the pot and watered it thoroughly to pack the dirt in. We loaded Fezzik back into a car and off we went to Duvall and the Sastin's house. Mark Sastin was someone that John and I worked with for a long time, and he just recently left Synario to do hardware design. He got married last February but the wedding was half snowed-out when a huge snow storm came down the same day that John and I got back from Hawaii... that was an adventure in and of itself.

So we got to see their new house, their new dog, Tootsie, a keeshund of bouncing personality, who had fun just being with Fezzik for a while. The company was fun, the food was good, and near the end of the party John and Tom and I walked to the Liquor store for margarita mix and tequila. Washington State is a state that has all it's liquor sold through state run liquor stores, and it's highly taxed and kinda funny to see the litlte old ladies behind the counter selling all kinds of liquour and a lot of the mixers that go with them.

So we trooped back and mixed red and blue margaritas and enjoyed them and playing with Lily, the Bowns' daughter, and just sitting and talking for a good long time. That was nice.

Sunday we started with breakfast at the Issaquah Diner, then went to church. It was the first time I've been back to church since the beginning of the summer. So a lot of people commented on not having seen me for a long time and marveling at even the gently fading green hair. It was odd... it was a mix of knowing that people cared about me, and that while I cared about the people, I wasn't so sure, anymore that I really do care about the church itself anymore. I've been rethinking a lot of things, and it really made its presense felt as I went through all the steps of the rituals of our church. There's a lot that I get something from. There are a few things that just rankle. There are a few things that I just would rather not deal with; but in the midst of the sermon, I realized that, well, what should I expect? It's a human organiation, with human fallibilities and it will never be perfect. Period. When I don't even really know what I'm looking for, how can I expect them to fulfil it?

I'm deacon again next weekend. Back into the saddle again. I'm not sure I want to be, but I'm equally uncertain as to wheither or not I don't want to be there. So I'll do what I can to bring meaning to the parts of the ceremony that I have control over, and that will be that.

John Faber Smith. Just made him up. A Malakite of Eli, whose Word is Forge. I made him up for Maya, but she says that I should play with him as well and find out what other adventures he gets into and what he does and how his little piece of the War is fought. Malakim are the 'swords of God' created to destroy evil. But such a sword shaped by Eli is a creative type, forging anew its own edge with every battle fought. It'll be intersting to see what I can write of him.

What interests me is that Eli is one of the archangels who 'quit'. Just let loose all his angels and let them do as they will, with the only order was 'to have fun'. I think that he did it because he was tired of the hierarchical format all the other Superiors had taken, and had listened to the preaching of Jesus about the ways of the World (in the Greek something that translates into something that's more like The Machine as that phrase is used today) and wanted to get away from it. Which is why he gave up his Place in Heaven and wanders the Earth alone.

Eli doesn't impose any of his ideals or wants on any of his once-subordinates, they go and some serve and some don't. Some choose freedom and some don't. Some need guidance and some don't and he doesn't choose for them or influence them or anything, anymore.

But what is a sword without a hand to wield it? That's the question John Faber Smith has to answer. And it's one that parallels my life right now. There is no one that wields me and my cutting ability to do nearly anything necessary with any skill. So I'm having to learn to guide myself.

How would an angel learn that? To guide himself without a Superior, would he turn to God and ask? And what if the Answer isn't one he understands? Or are all angels perfect in their understanding?

Fun questions.

Spent most of Sunday afternoon napping and then shopping for and cooking dinner for Steve and Candy Baldwin because they came over to take some of our old kitchen cabinets away; and we had the food because we stopped at Costco on the way home from church, and had lots of chickens. Two of them, actually, and one did really well in the roasting pan with plenty of stuffing and lots of yummy reasons to be eaten. I did mashed potatoes, gravy, and served it up by pulling the chicken apart with knife and hands. It was very good. Dessert was the last of the mangos my Mom and Dad had brought and a package of biscotti. Yum.

Woke up way too early this morning to shower and get ready for another call from WRQ, and the conversation was really fun. Had a blast with it and at the end, Kelly said that she'd recommend me to the next step of interviews and they'd likely bring me in for a day to talk with the best group match she and the recruiter could think of. So we'll see how that works out.

What was a very marked difference was that the questions that Kelly asked really reflected the fact that they do modular design and design that can handle and worries about exceptions, about true coding excellence. Stuff that I see rarely enough that I do really get hyped a bit when I see it. What's even nicer is that engineering has complete responsibility for schedules and for meeting schedules... so that'll be an interesting change for me. I'll need to figure out true timing a lot better if I do go there...

Tired, though, from getting up to darned early. I should probably go home and sleep and eat and the like soon.

©1997 by Liralen Li

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