September 16, 1997

It's my lunar year birthday today. Dad told me that last night while on the phone. I also found out that it's Flynn's actual birthday, which is pretty keen, all in all. It's the yearly celebration by the Chinese of the Moon Festival, where all round things are eaten and people have outdoor parties to look at the moon, as she is supposed to be at her most beautiful on this night and the two following.

In some Chinese legends, it seems, that this is the night the Moon Goddess ascends to the Moon. One of the histories is that it's the night that the revolution against the Mongol holders of China was planned and hatched, with messages for all the factions carried in mooncakes.

So some of the tradition is to widely distribute mooncakes to everyone, and there are all kinds of connotations from the cakes and the roundness and the other things that are eaten on that day. Amusingly enough, Yu is a homonym for my personal name as well.

So, at lunch time, John and I went to the locally known best Chinese bakery called Best Cake and bought two tins of Moon Cakes, the big ones were red bean with two egg yolks and the little ones were red bean with one egg yolk. The yolk is salted, and brilliantly yellow, the red bean paste is sweet and solid. They were beautifully stamped on top and lovely to behold, and we took them back to Synario with us and shared them with everyone. They were lovely, rich and tasty and kinda different for everyone to try. Unity and good fortune. Perhaps I was trying to do a little associative magic with the cakes as they're supposed to stand for unity among those who share them.

They say we'll know by the 29th of August exactly what is going to happen with the Division. That will be good.

I asked David Jablonski to be a reference, and he's having fun being a consultant now in a city of Plenty To Do. And he had a lot of great advice on what I should do next, who I might contact and what there was out here. Since his living is based on the wealth of jobs out there, he knows more of what's needed out in the city than I would or could and had at least three or four contacts that he knew of that needed Windows programmers badly. Also, he was impressed enough with my abilities to have no problems recommending me to folks, so that was good.

Heh. The Windows recruiter that called me last week sent me a letter telling me that my capabilities were really strong, but that his section of Microsoft really didn't have a position open for me, yet. I learned two things from that phone interview. If I really think that there's a better way to ask a question, I should go with it even if I'm halfway through a lamer way of asking it. Also learned that each MS recruiter is actually aimed at a rather narrow portion of the whole company and they don't communicate amid themselves very well. So that's cool. He didn't have to write that I had impressive skills, which is something I have to remind myself of as the demon of insecurity bites me in the ass again.

One thing that I kinda wonder at. How did I so completely lose sight of the feeling I once had that, maybe, ending Synario and being freed from technical work might mean tha I could write full time? I've also completely lost that feeling of wonder, of possibilities when thinking about that. There's this fear gnawing at my heel of being unemployed or unemployable that's nearly laughable after all the reactions I've been getting. It would be fun.

I was rather peeved this morning, when Kit, who had flown down from Alaska on her way to move to Washington D.C. with her husband plunked down a cooler filled with salmon and then drove away without knocking once on my door. I was massively peeved. She had been saying she and her husband would have dinner with us that evening and stay with us that night, but I wouldn't have minded losing that if she's just knocked and said hello to John and Fezzik, at least... and the funny/sad thing is that she wrote a note saying that it didn't look like anyone was awake when John had been up since 0730, and she left it a little before 0800. I was sad that she hadn't even tried a knock.

At least then Fezzik would have come over to see her.

I guess I can't change the past, but it was a real bummer. I even had a tape with a few Mythos episodes of Highlander on 'em for her. Oh well. I can't help but think that Washington D.C. is a bit far for her to be coming into my neck of the woods again, but we'll see. Also, since they're starting a newer household than the JF and I, I don't imagine they'll have the funds or time to get out here any time soon. While John and I can go out there to visit, Fezzik would have a lot of problems, and he's an old dog, now.

<grumble> Oh well. Life. Damnit, now, Kit, you owe me a hug, at least.

Tired. Still completely tired and stressed and kinda floating on uncertainties, it would have been good to be diverted by guests, but oh well...

Home again, home again, jigadjig...

©1997 by Liralen Li

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