September 22, 1997

I'm sick today. Stuffy nose and haunted head, and aching body and yellow phlem sick. Grump. At home on a day full of sunshine and all I can do is sleep.

I am actually pretty happy. Survived doing deacon stuff on Sunday, delivered a fairly good sharing that centered around Psalm 1 and the fourth chapter of the first letter from John to the old church. I didn't know that there were three other books of John after the book in the gospels, but there seems to be a lot of other collaborative evidense that they were written by the same guy.

Also got my talk in with John and we worked a number of things out, including things that both of us could do to try and short circuit the old way of doing things. We can both change, we're both good at it and ad adapting to each other and for each other, so the whole thing should work out. We just have to do it.

I really liked Lee's message on Sunday. It tied in with a 480+yard cathedral that is being build somewhere in Milan, Italy, and is still being built. Mostly it's about the concept of goodness in things and people who are still not finished. That the Way of Christ isn't really about becoming perfect in the long run, it's about living a way of love now. Being still human, still flawed, still incomplete, but living the way of life, rather than trying for something perfect. Saying, "Yes." with faith in the face of doubt. Faith in yourself, faith in your beliefs, faith in your world.

That was really good for me, I think. It kinda tied in with my thoughts about perfectionism for the last month or so and how it's been destructive. That any end, once reached, is merely an end, no matter how perfect. A path or way just keeps going, always giving direction and reason and purpose.

Anyway... I guess I'll toddle off now, drink some hot lemonaide sweetened with honey and work on my Way to Health. Heh.

©1997 by Liralen Li

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