September 23, 1997

John bought me a Gromet! And a Sean!!! Hoorah! <<much Snoopy dancing>> For those that don't know what I'm talking about, there is a series of British claymation cartoons done by Aardman productions with two characters named Wallace and Gromet. Gromet's the dog, Wallace is the guy, and Sean (pronounced in British proper as something more like 'Shorn') is the shorn sheep wearing a sweater from his own wool. I love Sean. He's so cool, and the sweater he comes with is from proper British wool, and is big enough to pull right over his head!! He's so *COOL*!!

I brought Gromet to Victor's, so I could bring him to work, so he could watch engeineering going on and help me out with the elctronics, as Gromet read Electronics for Dogs in one of the movies. And Jane said that I was silly but that was fun and she said that I should havea leash for my dog and she laughed and said that I was funny, but that was cool because she meant it nice like. And I gotta pet him and hug him and talk with Bob and John and stuff about new stuff and things are gonna be okay, I think. And Gromet's paws are really cool 'cause they're a little bit harder like Fezzik's paws, and they're bigger and his *ears* stick out really good!

I got to drink lots of stuff because drinking things is good for my cold, and so I'm just drinking lots of stuff. John laughed when I hauled my gallon jug of Gatorade into the Stoat with me, but it was a good laugh and I think that I'll probably drink the whole thing, I'm so thirsty. My green earrings fell apart and the little plastic stones fell out, so now I have real gold hoops with black beads and they're soft so I know they're really gold, and they're eaiser to just have in and they don't poke me at all. And I have my blue, blue, blue velveteen leggings on with elf shoes and Regis was calling me the Velveteen Liralen. Bob said that I'd be a good education for a guy who didn't have much respect for women, and I thought it'd be fun to meet the guy and work with him. For some wierd reason, most people I work with figure out, pretty quick, that I'm someone to respect.

Except me, sometimes. <chuckle> Meet Phee. The girl above is not a figment of your imagination. She's just growing up, about nine, now. Still loves gifts and stuffed animals and new things. The physical nastiness of the cold seems to have split us out some. Too many things to deal with, so we're each tending to our own. She's a good cheerer-upper. Especially riding the euphoria of getting a gift from John that was something that we all loved so much. He *did* get us a gift. I need to remember the good.

Engineer ignored the cold this morning, woke us all up around 2am, and kept us up until about 4 figuring out a problem with the application we're working on. So I figured we might as well come in today and get it out of our system or we'd be doing that all day anyway. We have a dentist's appointment tomorrow, and a teeth cleaning, and I guess we'll make it. Just get it done with. Thursday is hair re-coloring in the morning, and then an interview in the afternoon and probably getting my drivers license renewed somewhere inbetween. Are your lives this busy, too? Or is it just me? Sometimes I think it's just everyone's lives that have speeded up while I wasn't looking.

I can't have a cold right now. Wheither or not I have one, I just can't right now, and I have this feeling that I'm just pushing it back by sheer weight of will, and I might pay for it later, but I feel compitent right now. Heh... even if I'm not, quite...

©1997 by Liralen Li

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