September 29, 1997

Hrm... my keyboard's gradually turning bright blue. I guess I'd better stop running my hands through my hair.

The weekend was a bit more than I could handle. Watching a soccer game in the rain on Saturday, then Greg Holde's for a horse open house, then to the Kohlmeirs for a party 'til 1am, and I collapsed on Sunday, only waking up enough to drink another half a gallon of liquids, eat a little something, and then go back to sleep.

Got a call from Active Voice this morning about the interview this afternoon and the coordinator was very sympathetic as she just got over the same kinda cold. Ugh. So. I have an interview with them when I get back from Albequerque. The JF and I are spending a week there with his brothers and doing balloon kinds of things and eating much green chili and wandering about.

Gazing into the abyss. Hrm. Turns out the Kuhnster is the VP of OEM agreements for Microsoft. His group basically brings in half the sales the Borg do, though OEM agreements with all the computer manufacturers. Yes, the position he has open is for a Technical Evangelist, mostly because he's seen me with customers and likes how I relate. So he tucked that thought in the back of my mind and I'm thinking on it a lot.

I am good with people. I think of myself as an introvert, mostly because I do need time to myself, but I know how to relate to people very well, and I know how to listen, and people say that I can be charming when I want to be. I'll also admit that what drives me is customer satisfaction. I like selling things that I believe in and convincing people that it's really keen. I have fun selling Synario whenever and wherever I happen to go to meet customers.

But do I actually believe in Microsoft products? That's the question and the rub, in some ways. I actually do, somewhat, but the OEM agreements are the heart to how Microsoft locks in manufacturers to its plan and its way of doing things. Will I feel good about myself doing that?

Something to think about.

There were about half a dozen other job offers and thoughts that night as well. Much in demand Liralen, it seems. Not a bad thing. Just more things to think about. Wednesday seems to be the date when we'll know what our future will bring. So I'll just sit steady, code like crazy and we'll see what comes up.

Brilliant day, today. John's not at work, and also has a soccer practice to do tonight and then a soccer game that I'm going to skip so that I can get better. I'll likely go home, go to sleep early, maybe take a bath and relax enough to just sleep deeply tonight. I need it.

Two more days.

Kinda seems fitting that the new beginning'll be the new month and right next to my next birthday.

©1997 by Liralen Li

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