Twin Cone Trip

These are the pictures from the Twin Cone trip that Rosty took on June 6. 1999. For those that want the full-blown pictures write Rosty and he'll email the ones that you request to you.

Start -- Kenosha Pass - 10,000 feet
View at Kenosha Pass
Where did my tire go?
Jim articulating
There is mud in Colorado! -- Borax
Mudpit victim 1
Mudpit victim 2
Mud's Eye View -- Borax
Mudpit victim 3 -- Borax
They shoot horses, don't they? -- Boarx
Jim picking his line
Jim's approach
Halfway through
Mudpit victim 6
Near the top
Ali articulating
View from ~12,000 feet
End of a good day.
Sometimes even lockers don't help

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