Land Rovers

Eventually, this will be a page chronicalling all of Rosty's Rovers. At the moment, it just has a bunch of pictures of Borax's adventures, which is Rosty's new Defender 90, which he's been taking around out here in Colorado on various trips in the few months we've been here. Eventually, we'll go into the riot-grilled African camper, the Mexican Grass Truck, the Green Monster, Moby Dick, the Stoat (who really wants to grow up to be a TDI), and the old two-door Range Rover.

1999 Land Rover Rally
The 1999 National Land Rover Rally was in Breckenridge, Colorado, which is only a few hours from home. We went on three of the trail trips and these are the pictures from those trips.
Left Hand Canyon
Adventures out in Left Hand Canyon, which is just a bit west and north of where we live. Lots of rocks, water, and I'll admit I wasn't sure we'd make it out.
Twin Cone
An adventure John went out on himself with a bunch of folks from work and the local Land Rover Clubs
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