A Tiny Tale of the Inconspicuous

Once upon a time, there was a Trouble of Creation named Daimonique and his faithful sidekick and pocket protector Sephar. They wandered about Heaven and Earth in search of Fun things to do and cool things to try.

They weren't a brave pair or a strong pair or a courageous pair, but they managed well enough with their wits and a bit of laughter.

Okay. They were also very good at being inconspicuous when the fire strikes came down. Or, as the case may be, they were good at hiding, an action of good sense which some Malakim mistook for cowardice. Not that they minded the scorn.

For it was this very ability that graced them with victory in one pecular battle of the War.

When Laurance was captured by the Princes of Hell, waves of the Armies of Heaven stormed the Gates of Hell and fell to blade and fork, claw and horn and Forces flowed as freely as Fear and Rage.

Seeing the slaughter, the two of them were ill together and then crept along the edges of the battlefield, unnoticed by all, unchallanged by any who fought on the bloody plain.

Remembering what they'd had to do to rescue Prince Kobal, they quietly meandered their way deeper and deeper into the heat of Hell.

Finally, they came on a birdcage of steel and Relic power, within which huddled the black-winged Laurance and without which stood ten dozen guards, each more scarred and big and ugly than the next. Tending to their needs were lots of demons pretty or small that brought food and drink to them.

So Sephar just hopped into one of the servers and Daimonique pretended to be one, and the two were very soon inconspicuously near the door to Laurance's cage. The lock was quick work for the mechanically gifted pair; and for the angry Laurance, the 'guards' were even quicker.

So that is how the two most inconspicuous angels did what the warring choirs could not.

The End

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