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As a little background, I've written a lot of stuff, but I have to say that what I'm proudest of isn't what I've written, it's of the things that I helped other people write or inspired other people to write.

Through my mistakes and fumblings with the eloquence that the freedom the Net gives so well, I somehow triggered the birth of an entity that Carl Rigney first thought to call; but, mercifully, when the first newsgroup notifications went out, it was actually called alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo. The fun of it, though, was the stories that came out. Joel Benford has been kind and energetic enough to actually put together a web page about those stories. Also, a long, long time ago Kip Moore did the immense job of editing together the entire HUGE story that was written in the flow of the time. WARNING: it's about 800k of text, so I'd recommend only downloading it if you want it all.

I am also very proud of another thing I never wrote, which is a razorwire bit of parody of all things cyberpunk and especially me by one amazing Steve Connelly called The Guru of News

I've also written for a while back. One story is here and the rest are on Kelly Cooper's page, which my dragon story has a link to.

In the early 2000's, I played quite a lot in Genevieve Cogman's In Nomine game, as Sephar, a Kryiotate of Jean. She's an excellent GM, and the logs of the game may be found on her site. Also, I've been playing in Keely's IN/OFS Los Angeles game on and off with a Soccer Angel named Cassia who seems to have one heck of a kick. Keely's an excellent GM as well, imaginative and amazing with imagery even in the sometimes image poor MUSH format.

In the latter part of his decade I got involved in fanfiction for Bleach, Saiyuki, and other fandoms. I've also started writing more original fiction as well. You can find my more recent stories on my Livejournal and on my account.

Stories here on this page are in roughly chronological order, except when they're not. Poetry is elsewhere.

Agony and Grace
A story that was actually born at the ending. I thought it up while in Albuquerque in 1997, told Genevieve about the ending, and then spent the last two years filling in the rest. It happens right after her Lily Blues.
Just a log
An oddly informal character study of Faber, who is a Malakite of Creation, whom Genevieve has written into some of her Caliah stories. He's mine, I know his internals, but it's fun to see him from outside, too.
A Palm-sized Press Daimon and Sephar story
This is done in Adobe's Palmsized Press format. Get the PDF, print it and then fold it according to Adobe's instructions. It's mostly an experiment in the very short format. The HTML version of the same story isn't nearly as interesting, as the whole was mostly an experiment with the palmsized book. Conversion to PDF courtesy of Markleford Friedman.
A three-part writeup of a Fen Shui game that Bryant Durrell ran for a bunch of keen people at DunDraCon. Bryant is good at horror.
Carl says that this story is one of my best, who am I to argue? It's about princesses and frogs, kisses and rotary hearts which can't just be stopped or started. It's another of those stories that begs for further development.
Originally Kiss and Sean were all part of Coming Home which was supposed to be a story arc, in the Dragon's Inn and alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo, that would get Kardia back home to her world and time. Her seventh brother, Sean, is introduced in this story. Princess was one of Kardia's sisters, as are the other siblings mentioned in the two stories. It's not as good as the other. Magic too too often makes for wish fulfilment.
Eli Application
This is an application letter I wrote the summer of 1997, to play Eli, the archangel of Creation on an In Nomine MUSH that was being built. It was also an admin position, a story plotter position, as Eli's more of a fixture than a character, but so it is. SJG has its own plans for a MUSH, so the plug was pulled on it, but the thoughts are pretty.
A Dream for You
A dream that I dreamed which turned into a complete story with a few background mysteries that a number of folks on alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo turned into other stories.
The Angelic Neon Blues
A beginning scrap for what's probably going to be a novel.
A story that was published (with my part in the writing of this unacknowledged to the editors by the authors, by accident) as the opening interlude for the Wraith suppliment, The Dark Kingdom of Jade. The ending here is different than what was published by White Wolf.
The Pilot
Another story for The Dark Kingdom of Jade world, it wasn't accepted in the final draft. Probably for good reason. *chuckle*.
A retelling of a Tsimshan folktale of monsters and youngest sons and magic.
Much Ado About Nothing
An old Shadowrun game turned into a story
A Faery tale game of a summer solstice in a sleepy desert town.
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