Indie RPGs

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This isn't a comprehensive list of Indie RPGs, just the ones I've bookmarked for my own reference, some of which you may also find useful. Some are in print, some not, some free, some not, some still works in progress. In some cases I've linked to additional resources for them. Some of these may be out of date; feel free to send updates and corrections to cdr AT

Other (non-exhaustive) lists of RPGs:

We Are Here to Game Intro

2 Player RPGs

Double Ninja's ultimate big list of GM-less RPGs

Pocketmod for turning 8-page PDF into foldable booklet.

Some useful Kickstarter tips for RPGs for those interested in crowdfunding their efforts.

Many of these games available for sale can be found at Indie Press Revolution, which sells online, at various conventions and in friendly local gaming stores worldwide.

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