24 Views of Shadowrun

last updated Sun Oct 27 07:41 UTC 2013; Tue Dec 27 04:41 UTC 2011

There's something about Shadowrun that I like a lot, but it's not its mechanics. So here are various works-in-progress to adapt other mechanics to the Shadowrun-like setting I enjoy running, which is closer to "Ghost in the Shell with Shinto as written by Sean Stewart" than what FASA/Fanpro/Catalyst write about.

I enjoy hearing feedback, comments, suggestions, and questions so feel free to email any of that to cdr AT telemancy.com.

Paul Strack was joking at the October 4 Endgame minicon that they should hold a minicon where ALL the games are Shadowrun, using different systems. In that spirit, here are my 24 Views of the Hokusai Run: