The Franklin Academy For Exceptional Youth

Force 10!

The basic premise is like the New Mutants' first 20 issues or the Massachusetts Academy, where young Paranormals (8-17) will learn to use their powers and (eventually) save the world. Or perhaps destroy it; there's plenty of time for it to go either way. The system is Champions (more or less), and the setting is the World of The 400 (© Carl Rigney).

After repeated encounters with supervillains, the last on international television, the students and Franklin Academy decided to pursue their separate interests. They were not expelled, and the staff of the Academy is not trying to hunt them down, as far as anyone knows. They did seem to be a little disappointed, though.

The students, now calling themselves Force 10, are working for the U.S. government as the official 'Team Two', at least until Team One gets out of the hospital. They are based at Ravensrock, PA, in the presidential bomb-shelter complex. (Big Springs!)

Our Heroes

Former Associates

The Story to Date

  1. The Great Game
    The obligatory fight when paranormals meet for the first time.
  2. "This Sock Hop Is Ours!"
    The town of Franklin gets to meet its new neighbors.
  3. Snowblind
    Our heroes face a squad of government goons and a thorny moral decision.
  4. Ick! or Treat!
    The Halloween Party and Ick!'s seventh birthdy.
  5. "Iraqi Attack Pack, Attack!"
    A visit to the hospital proves less than conducive to someone's good health.
  6. Running Toward Fires
    Notorious supervillain Great Chicago Fire offers our heroes $10 000 000 to not mess with her.
  7. Snow Enough and Time
    Our heroes track down Great Chicago Fire and Vicki, but find an unpleasant surprise.
  8. Doctor Fenris' Fabulous Fimbulwinter Factory
    Maybe they really are heroes...
  9. The Mountaintop
    Network comes to each of our heroes in their dreams and makes them an offer.
  10. A Snowless Christmas
    Santa Claus brings the Academy a new student.
  11. Ring in the New!
    Our heros start off the new year with a bang.
  12. The Red Queen's Gambit
    Maybe it wasn't Santa Claus after all.
  13. Storm Warning
    The government is plotting against personal freedom. Film at 11.
  14. Black February
    The notorious Japanese supervillain Black August turns out to be stupid as well as crazy.
  15. The Language of Love
    Our heros spend Spring Break on the French Riviera. France may never recover.
  16. War and PEACE
    Giant-size Annual Crossover Special (also UNPEACE #12)
  17. Distant Thunder
    Another handsome face stirs up trouble at the Academy.
  18. Sweet Sixteen
    Spike and Dianna hold a joint birthday party, with surprising results.
  19. Empress of Akron
    Our heroes visit Peter's family in Akron and meet up with an old acquaintance.
  20. Ick Meets The Pope
    Oh, and Vicki, Tengu, and Weaselgirl show up again.
  21. A Mission of Mercy
    Our heroes rescue a damsel who's worth twice her weight in gold.
  22. Summer School
    The Turks show up to teach our heroes a lesson.
  23. Alarming Trends
    Our heroes resuce a damsel who's worth ten thousand times her weight in gold.
  24. Affairs of the Heart
    Peter and Emoticon both go after Le Chat's heart.
  25. Knee Deep in Doom
    Force 10 vs the Legion of Doom, round 1.

Next Issue: Force 10 vs the Legion of Doom, round 2. Stay tuned!


Gamemaster: Carl Rigney

Allegra: Fire
Deb: Chrisber
Dianna: Angie Clough
Doug: Ray Wood
Foxfire: Soula
Ick!: Rachel Gollub
Jill: Marith
Larisa: Fire
Michael: Soula
Miguel: Jeremy Gollub
Peter: Jeremy Gollub
Spike : Trip
Tatiana: Harmony
Vicki: Fire
Assorted NPCs: Carl Rigney

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