The Franklin Academy For Exceptional Youth

The basic premise is like the New Mutants' first 20 issues or the Massachusetts Academy, where young Paranormals (8-17) will learn to use their powers and (eventually) save the world. Or perhaps destroy it; there's plenty of time for it to go either way. The system is Champions (more or less), and the setting is the World of The 400 (© Carl Rigney).

The Franklin Academy is a small private school just outside the town of Franklin, MA, about 30 miles from Boston. It used to be a prestigious prep school for rich snobs destined for Ivy League universities, but recently "suffered financial difficulties" and is now run by the enigmatic Miss Lee and her factotum Mr Jones, who appear to have turned it into a center for the rigorous training of the next generation of paranormals. So far, they only have 7 students, but that's still a significant fraction of the world's paranormal children, and whoever is backing the Academy is apparently devoting considerably resources to the project: not only are all the staff world-class experts in their fields, but the cafeteria serves good food. This is clearly no ordinary school.

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