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April 9, 2000
a year ago


I woke up latish and Fezzik and John were out on the front porch. Fezzik watched the traffic go by, occassionally barking at other dogs, horses, or just random things that he thought he should bark at. He looked healthy, happy and content to be out there. So much so I almost wanted to believe that nothing could be wrong with him.

They were out there and were staying for a bit, so I went ahead and put on my shorts and t-shirt and rode the exercise bike. While I rode, John came in and started making waffles. By the time I was done, he had just finished the batter, so told me to go head and take a shower. So I did and when I was back there were brown, crisp waffles for breakfast and I happily tucked in with Fezzik at my elbow, watching for all the crumbs. It was kinda odd have the juxtiposition of the possibilities and of how he looked.

After breakfast, John decided to tackle the rest of the dried tumbleweeds in the backyard, and eventhough I'd just showered, I decided to go out and help him. Sweaty, hot work under the sunshine after all the sunshine we'd gotten yesterday at the farm. No snow lately meant that all the brush was tinder dry and the piles of the stuff burst into hot flame all the eaiser, but the flames were far more intense and less smokey than before, which was a good thing in one sense. But between sun burn and the fire, it was pretty hot on the skin. I finally had to stop because of my hands and my skin, and I went in and drank a quart of iced tea before I stopped just absorbing mass quantities of liquid. Fezzik followed me in and was panting heavily from lying out in the sunshine to watch us work. So I put a few ice cubes in his water dish and he fished them out and ate 'em.

Turns out it's nearly 80 today. Really, really hot, especially considering that it was snowing just a bit over a week ago.

I went upstairs and, using the newly trained software, started dictating entries leading up to the weekend with Geoff. When my voice ran out I used my hands and when my hands ran out, fairly quickly because of my earlier use, John came upstairs and asked if I wanted to go out and buy a big screen TV and do some other errands, including getting more food at the grocery store so we'd have stuff for the next week and I didn't have to be quite as inventive as I was last week. That was pretty funny and it was also pretty wise, so I shut down the computer and followed him out.

The first thing we did was go to SoundTrack and look at all the TV's. There were lots of big ones and pretty ones and keen ones and John had his eye on a Mitsubishi that was large, sharp and had some good stuff on it and was on sale. We found out that the next model up was also on sale for a great price and had lots of cool extras, so we went for that one and had a good time setting up the delivery time, delaying payments, and basically getting what we could out of it. They asked if we wanted a warrentee, but gave no fight when we said no, so that was that and it was easy. So Wednesday I'll have to be home to take delivery of the creature. Fezzik will be happy to have me home.

From there we went to Home Depot for a box of screws for the shelves John was building in the storage room, and from there we went to Safeway. We met Jonah and Boo in the aisles, hugged, exchanged news, including Fezzik and Jonah's new job and Jonah's going to have a party this coming weekend, so that should be fun. We could probably bring Fezzik and have Shiloh have something to do while we're there. That should be fun. We saved $22 in coupons and Safeway specials. That was pretty cool.

During the drives we thought and talked about Fezzik a lot. About what we would do, what we might want to do, how things would work, what it would be like without him. We decided that when he dies, we'll tell everyone to go out and get an ice cream cone on us, because he likes ice cream so much. It might be a good way for a quick time of memory. Also contemplating the possibility of putting his ashes in Marymoore Park, in the off-leash area as he had such a marvelous time there, and I think he's still more strongly tied to my memories of the NorthWest than here. But I really gotta be careful not to make him into a ghost while he's still here...

Home again home again, and since it was six and we really hadn't had any lunch, I got right to work on green chile enchiladas. Ground beef, onions in sauce all wrapped in corn tortillas a month old and then soused with sauce and cheese. All stuffed into the oven until it bubbled hot. I wrote a little more while it cooked, and then we made a simple salad of bagged baby spinach, sliced mushrooms and dressing. Yum. It was good hearty food and lent comfort.

John, being doubly burnt out, went to sleep early while I dragged myself back upstairs to type and write some more. Get through things... Fezzik came up after me and it was so hot he was panting as if he had a fever, and he slumped out in the office to just be with me while I worked. I think he likes that. It's kinda comforting to be able to see him and hear him and watch him breath. He looked a little unhappy because of the heat, but okay now that he was with me. I typed until I couldn't anymore and it was about midnight when I finally felt I'd done as much as I could and finally went downstairs to sleep. Fezzik follows slow after, and when I got into bed both John and Fezzik were snoring away happily.

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