Liralen's Adventure Through Life
April 2000
  1: The Strip
  2: Raindog and Sushi
  3: Farewells
  4: Taxes
  5: Burning Hell Money
  6: Early Starts
  7: Body Blows
  8: Moving On
  9: Burning
10: Working With Reality
11: In Sickness
12: Home Sick
13: Doing Things
14: Good and Bad
15: A Little Too Much
16: Sleep
17: Net Suckage
18: Work Panic
19: Necessary Day
20: Worn Thin
21: Long Friday
22: Rain and Duck
23: Chocolate Donuts and Easter Dinner
30: Conference Week and Recovery

I start the month with my visit with Geoff, and then go on to go home and deal with the normal, everyday things of taxes and getting airline tickets for another visit and starting a little bit on writing things for possible novel things.

I burned Hell Money for luck and health and a few days later we find out, on a routine check of Fezzik, as he as limping a bit, that he had lymphoma, a cancer of the lymph nodes. Which doesn't seem like it should be connected, but with more information and a good deal of dealing later, it actually seems like it might be. It was just dumb luck that we found out as early as we did.

Chemotherapy treatments only served to make Fezzik more and more active and happy and bouncy. No digestive system side effects and he certainly isn't losing any of his fuzz or fur. Each week saw some improvement in his stamina, cheerfulness, and we actually realized he might have well been gradually sick and we would never have found it without the checkup. So we're dealing.

On top of the stress of the initial uncertainties about how well the treatment would do, work piled on a lot more stress with a really tough deadline set, network problems, and simply too much to do. I also got a cold, of course, and waded through a lot of the really awful bugs with a brain that felt stuffed with cotton. But that passed, as all things do.

Ended up with a pretty intense conference with folks at work, and a little good time off and a slowdown of the worst of the problems and a change to, possibly, a weekly format.

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