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April 23, 2000
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Chocolate Donuts and Easter Dinner

Mmmm... chocolate donuts. Thick coffee press coffee with excellent body and bite. On the road with a dog in the back all completely excited about going somewhere. We hit Marshall Mesa in good time and Matt and Debbie were already standing there and we saw Karen and Haiku arrive as we were unloading Fezzik.

Fezzik did fabulously. The rain was still raining, a little bit, but it wasn't terribly muddy, yet. There was next to no wind so it was warmer than I expected with my hooded sweatshirt and jacket... Fezzik ran and ran and ran on the way up, following the puppies a little ways and then coming back as they galloped back. He was doing much better than the previous week, and when we reached the top, we found that the irrigation ditch was filling up from the lake, that the water had backed up and the level was much higher and the currents were significantly faster than before.

Fezzik had a blast. He loved swimming and with the deeper water, he was entirely in his element. Occassionally, he'd pick up speed and leave a rippling wake behind him that was pretty deep. It was amazing to watch him go into high gear and just cut through the water. I really liked watching him do that. The banks were cut away, though, too, so he didn't have many good chances to get up out of the water, so he contentedly stayed in the water and just swam about a third of the way until he found a spot he could actually get out. That was cool.

I think that the cool weather helped as well. The little bits of rain weren't hard enough to bother anyone and were cooling as well. And it felt just so marvelous to be out in moisture again.

On the way home, we stopped by the Safeway to drop off the movie and then we wandered about aimlessly in the store looking for things for lunch. John got fried chicken and stuff, and I finally ended up getting a small slab of liverwurst as I hadn't had it for a while and wanted it. Once home I toasted a little bread, smeared on mayo and then pulled one of my plants from the window sill and cut myself some lettuce!! Hee. Yeah. The lettuce plants I'd started so long ago are now grown to the point of providing good fodder for sandwiches, salads and the like. Crisp, perfect, clean and as fresh as possible, it was a really nice compliment to the richness of the liverwurst and the bread.


Then I went out and burned hell money under a grey and still sky.

I wandered upstairs after the incense was gone, and played with pictures while John slept. I'd taken pictures while in Pittsburgh and I finally got them out of the camera and onto disk. That was good and fun. There's a gorgeous one of an amarylis that flowered soon after my trip to Geoff's as well as some fun ones from the trip. Soon I had them sorted, labelled and put neatly away. I'll have to back them up sometime.

John arrived soon after I was done and said that we had half an hour to make strawberry shortcake. Which was about the exact time that the shortcake had to bake. Oops. I mixed up a quick batch of my biscuits, added a few tablespoons of sugar and then cut them out and baked 'em. Nearly burnt my foot in Borax, with the pan on the floor. Fezzik drooled about them quietly from the back, but he happily went into the backyard to play with Molly while we went in to see the Goodell's for Easter dinner.

Just a good excuse to get together and Alex had a great time playing with John and I and everyone with a basketball setup. Dinner itself was delicious, spiral cut ham, steamed string beans, mashed with gravy, and a cool Jello salad! Pink. Very, very pink. Everyone liked the dessert as well and we cheerfully sat in the livingroom and caught up a whole lot more before Alex had to take his bath and go to bed. So John and I left then, as Fezzik was looking pretty tired, and we had a really full week to gear up for.

We were tired enough from the walk and everything that we pretty much just fed Fezzik and then went to bed and sleep.

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