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April 23, 1999
a year ago

Whiting Code

It rained last night, thoroughly, then was starting to turn to snow when we turned into bed. By the time we woke up the world was white, again. All the trees, bushes, and roofs were laden with white.

Fezzik came out with us as we headed out, and sat on one hip by the Range Rover as we loaded things into it as if he expected to come with us. When we didn't load him in, this time, he looked at us, then wandered up onto the porch, onto a section of the porch which cut all the wind and he was far enough up so that he could see everything in his yard. Smart dog. He was dry, relatively unruffled by the wind, and when we turned back in order for me to get my badge and John's sunglasses, Fezzik just watched me from the porch, peeking between the railing's slats to see what it was we were doing.

I braved the teeth of the wind and snow in order to slosh back and forth. I was glad of my boots.

The world was under a sloppy, slushy blanket of white, and the small section of dirt road that linked our road to the paved roads was rutted, muddy, slippery, mushy, and nasty. The Range Rover took it with aplomb and we sailed through it with only a few bumps.

Work was an all morning all-hands meeting, then a fire fight with buckets being slogged from Redmond to Boulder. I was on the phone, in email, all over the damned problem with all the attendant little gates into and onto understanding what really was happening. I had to figure out how to build an entirely different version with entirely different goals and some interesting differences in the underlying libraries. Interesting in the old Chinese sense of the word.

It was a labyrinth of interesting proportions.

John had meetings and we then went out to lunch together, after the other engineers left me behind as I didn't really want to abandon John again. We went to Good Times burgers and parked out on the street to eat because of the no-reverse problem. We parked under a tree that was slowly dumping its load of melting snow. There were random thumps, thuds, and occasional truck-rocking *plooomph*'s that lent entertainment value to the lunch itself. A pedestrian was coming towards us and with the fall of snow, he stopped, looked up, waited until it stopped and then passed us with a grin.

The afternoon found me finding out that the problems that had been given me yesterday was something that had to be in the builds Monday morning, preferably. Oops. I had already finished the first, but the second was just baffling me, in many different ways, but step by step it was gradually cleared; and by 6:30, it is done. The world outside is still white... and looks like it's getting whiter.

Oh! Yeah. I won something today. From ebay, if you can say that winning an auction is actually winning anything. I have, in mind, way too much, the extent of the Curse of the Auction winner. Anyway... look and be envious! It amused me, greatly, when Kathy wrote me to show me this thing.

So I'm gonna go home, now, and probably see if I can't get the dictation stuff up this weekend to fill in the one missing weekend and then write without pain...

See ya

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