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April 12, 2002
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Finally Done

Jet did great last night, again.

I am really, really, really glad that I don't have to hit deadlines with code anymore. There isn't any way I could, with Jet, anymore. Joan even kept Jet an extra hour this morning so he could go to Alex's pre-school to get Alex. Alex was so disappointed with falling asleep Wednesday and not getting to see Jet yesterday, that he actually asked to see him today, so Joan asked if she could drop him off! That was really cool.

But the rest of it did take all day, the way I thought it would, even with all the other setup I had. Of course, the minute I'm done with stuff, the network crapped out. I did manage to send a minimal message out when I was done, but that was about it until 8 pm, when I could send a little longer message, and then finally at 10 I got a note from my boss saying, "Hey, this can't be right.... there's an entire family missing..."

Oh.... yeah, I did the analysis on my local installation, which *didn't* have everything. Ugh. So I get to do the analysis over the weekend. Whee...

Poor Jet got mildly neglected by me in the afternoon, and John finally took him downstairs. John worked on the laptop while Jet played, not only on the first floor, but outside as well. It's such a beautiful day. Jet learned to open and close the screen door to the back patio and John put a blocking chair up to the stairs down to the ground and Jet wandered out there. He got a splinter in his hand in the process, but it wasn't bothering him too much. And I couldn't complain while John took Jet to let me think.

jet really, really likes being able to go out as he likes and just whirl around. He likes to just go in circles until he's dizzy. It's more of a problem when he pitches in any random direction after whirling and hits something with his head, but he normally just falls over. Funny kid. He really likes it, though.

We did go to dinner at La Casa de Mina after I got things done. We had a slow, leisurely dinner, and knowing how they were about serving things slowly, we actually split both dishes, eating the first one when it came and then sharing bits of the second one when it came and finishing off with a desert tamale filled with steamed fruit and bread pudding. The first dish was a shrimp stuffed mild green chile with fruit, rice, and other good things and a very tasty raspberry vinaigrette. Yum. The second course was their chipotle sauced BBQ ribs, and they turned out to be pork country style ribs that had been braised slowly and smothered in an orange chipotle sauce that was smoky, citrcusy and hot! The meat was fall off the bones tender and wonderful.

Wow. Too much for us to eat, but we saved the ribs for another day and poured the sauce in on top of them and then shared our dessert.

Jet was great through dinner, trying a bit of everything. He also tried to play with everything from the fork and knives, to all the ice in the water to shuffling the cups around and throwing rice everywhere. He was really good about it, not really upset or angry when we didn't let him do some things, but he was pretty persistent about others. One of the things he really, really wanted to do was to go into the kitchen and walk in and see everything and everyone. I didn't want him to get underfoot, so had to curb that, and finally took him outside for a while.

He was happy, after that, to eat from our dessert and drink from a straw and the water glass. After dinner, the three of us walked down Main Street, and Jet stopped to watch everything and everyone that he happened to come into contact with, so we got barely 100 feet down the sidewalk and basically got turned around when a two-year-old, her parents, and her 6-month-old brother came walking up behind us. Jet had to study them all carefully, and we talked for a bit and finally we went back to our car and home again.

That was a very nice break.

I also, when it was clear that the network was hosed and I couldn't do any more, made dough for cinnamon rolls in the bread maker. It was very nice to be able to just dump all the ingredients into the hopper, start it up, adjust it a bit for wetness/dryness, and then just let it go. It finished while I was nursing Jet to put him to sleep, and when he was asleep, I ground cinnamon, and then put some pretty low-fat cinnamon rolls together. The eight rolls have less fat than half a batch of scones in them, and I also made them with whole wheat flour to give them extra texture and body. They were just as simple to make as the biscuit style ones. I just had to make them the night before.

We'll see how they really are in the morning.

I did manage, late, to start a job that should help me tomorrow in getting a better analysis together. We'll see how it all goes by Sunday. I hope the network stays sane. The reason the work move up to Longmont was delayed was to keep the developers on a stable set of machines and network until they moved. If the early move of the marketing people is crapping up the network now then all that delay will be for naught. I know everyone's working like crazy this weekend as Monday morning is the publishing deadline for everything before the move.

So I guess I should feel a bit more like I'm suffering the same things everyone else it. A certain camaraderie, or something... *grin*

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