Liralen's Adventure Through Life
April 2002
  1: Of Pebbles In Ponds
  2: Face To Face
  3: Spiders
  4: Packing Day
  5: Walking In LA
  6: Tom and Donna's Wedding
  7: Time Lag
  8: Debugging Other People's Code
  9: Piecemeal
10: Tax Night
11: A Fever Of Coding
12: Finally Done
13: Cinnamon Rolls, The Yard, and Haircuts
14: Church, Coding, and Whole Foods
15: Dead Turkey Wing
16: Packing For Longmont
17: Mobility and Swimming With Everyone
18: Profit Sharing and Irish Pub Food
19: Moved, Stocked Up and Dressed Up
20: Dim Sum, Asian Groceries, and Steamed Rolls
21: Breakfast With The Goodells
22: Shoes For Outside
23: Short Ribs, Lush, and Two Baths
24: Back In Touch
25: Taking It Easy
26: Breakfast At Lucille's With Xiao Xing
27: Rummage Sales, McGuckin's, Books, and Go
28: Emptying Cupboards and Chile Relleno
29: Companionable Jet
30: Going In, New Sunglasses, and Missed Hockey

The month started with George and Isabel going on with their road trip just as John, Jet and I took off on a rapid-fire trip to LA to see Tom Gryn's wedding. It was really cool, both the wedding and the trip itself as Jet showed pretty remarkable capabilities for travel. It was wonderful having him be able to walk around as we went places, even if he did more of a random walk than we're used to following. It was also a surprise to find that LA felt very pleasant, and the vacation itself was very relaxing.

I came back to a heavy deadline, both at work and with taxes. We got things done, though. Amid all the things of daily life. I also did a few things to relieve the work stress, including making good cinnamon rolls, buying a turkey wing to finally figure out how feathers come off a wing for quills, and getting a haircut. I also indulged in Asian foods, Lush bath products, and started figuring out why Joan is addicted to Garage and rummage Sales. Spring seems to be the time for that.

George and Isabel came back for another visit and made it easy for me to hit what had looked like a really hard and difficult deadling. I'm very grateful for them. With the deadline beat, the whole Boulder Xilinx facility moved to Longmont. It was fun to do the move, actually, after stuff was done. The new facilities are beautiful, and pretty much everyone that was moving felt really good about getting into such neat quarters.

The very last bits of the month are dealing with Jet's teething, doing the everyday thigns that need to get done, and taking it a little easy for a little while it's possible.

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