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April 11, 2002
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A Fever of Coding

Today was mostly a fever of coding when I could. I thought about asking Joan to take Jet for a few extra hours, but I didn't, and I regretted that mildly, as Jet didn't nap worth a darn.

He did, however, sleep well last night, and only got up once. I think that since his nose cleared up and his two eye teeth have appeared, he's only gotten up once a night for a while. It's been really nice. Only thing is that he slept in this morning, so he didn't nap all that much during the day. Though he was cool and did nap half an hour after he got hoe and then another hour just before John came home.

John was great and not only took care of Jet when he got home, but also cooked dinner, so I had most of the evening, other than nursing Jet to sleep and then I worked away for most of the late evening on my coding thing. Another frustrating thing was having two hours of meetings during the time Joan had Jet, so the only clear thinking time was taken up in *meetings* of all things.

No, I didn't get done. I also didn't get nearly as far as I wanted to get, but I really did pretty well in the time I had. I did get pretty far, and ran into a lot of problems that I had to figure out, and that felt good to figure it out. It was still disappointing not to be *done* though.


But both Jet and John were great. I was simply consumed by my problem, and it felt really weird in some ways because I know that I can't sustain this anymore because it really makes me unable to really respond to Jet's needs with anything like patience. I'm now very glad that I do not code to a deadline very often anymore. It's just too frustrating to be limited to a certain amount of time rather than following the thought trail all the way through to a solution

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