April 4, 1998


The Man in the Iron Mask was great fun. I enjoyed it immensely, especially the sword play bits. There were just some absolutely gorgeous bits of fighting that just made me sigh with happiness. The story had nothing to do with the book, or nearly nothing, but I didn't worry too much about that. The plot in and of itself was pretty tightly wound onto itself, solid in and of itself and there were cool revelations later that worked well with some of the early bits.

One very clear thing is how much of a child DiCaprio is compared to all the experienced and true actors in the rest of the film. What delighted me to the bone were the portrayals of Porthos, Aramis and Athos. D'Artangon was well done as well, but he usually is the focus of most movies about those particular Muskateers. But having the Three be so absolutely perfect was such a treat to my heart and mind and soul. That was what was glorious about the movie.

It was really fun to just cheer and stomp about and dance at certain lines and that was keen. I loved it.

Saturday morning was mostly just puttered about cleaning, brewing tea, and reading random things scattered about the house. Bits of Into Thin Air, The Cygnet and the Firebird, Design Patterns, stuff from the J Peterman's catalog, and Booche's treatise on object oriented design. Random things floating about my brain.

Realized, also, that for all that I might write for Markleford, that whatever I wrote, even if it were for him, is still my writing. That it is crafted from my mind, heart, soul, and hands, so is, essentially mine. That was an important thing for me to realize.

John wandered off in the morning and came back with a huge box of Stuff. Then he put my soup kettle on the stove and started pouring things in, water, malt, malted barley, hops, and soon the place started to smell beer-like, sweet, though. He decided, finally, to start brewing beer, starting, of course, with a really dark stout, I think. It's got lots of malt in it and is really dark, so I think it's something like that, but he had a great deal of fun mixing things in, applying my thermometer for temperature readings, getting things to follow his recipe. I've a feeling that, like with bread, he'll get to be really good at this.

I also made reservations at Orexi in Bellevue, for seven, a Regis, John and I were going to be joined by Bruce and the three folks traveling from the Bay Area for dinner. The restaurant couldn't take us until 7:30. Regis I called to ask if she wanted a ride to the restaurant and then Bruce to tell him the new time. They both wanted a ride, and then Bryant called around 4:30 to say that they were just leaving Portland, which is about 120 miles from Seattle. So I told Bryant to meet us at the restaurant, and gave him instructions on how to get there. Coordination requires effort, I'm discovering. But is usually worth it.

So Regis showed up at the house with a John Woo made-for-TV movie, and we watched it while she took an afternoon nap. For some reason our house and our company is pretty comfortable for sleeping in. That's cool. So she napped while we watched, and it was a really funny movie with the guy that plays Krychek in X-Files as one of the super cops. I think it was called Once a Thief, but am not too sure. Vancouver filming on the most part with short bursts of Woo-like Hong Kong action.

And when it was done it was about time to go get Bruce, and when we arrived at the restaurant, we saw Bryant in the front foyer. So the timing was Just Right. Dinner was very good, though, as warned by Bruce, the service was a bit slow. The mousaka was dense and rich and creamy and nicely spiced. The pita bread had substance to it and the humous was tasty and garlic rich, yum. The conversation was very fun, too, especially with the glittery Angie enjoying herself tremendously.

After dinner, Angie, Bryant and Bruce went to the Wizards of the Coast's Gaming Center in the U-District and Marith came home with Regis, John and I. She had a keen time meeting Fezzik the Large Dog, and we settled her in the guest room because she might have been allergic to Fezzik and he isn't allowed in there all that much. We played with origami, talked a lot and Marith gave us gifts. Mine was a beautiful autumnal vase with autumn leaves and a lovely autumn colored background. It was lovely and glazed by Marith. She gave Regis a really keen blue female figurine. Marith had also been sick before attempting the long drive, so she was getting tired.

So we sat and talked and wandered through things and after quite a while Angie and Bryant showed up from the game center with some ideas on how I should re-write my instructions to the house. I'll have to do some of that. But they got there, and Marith went to sleep soon after. Bryant was punch drunk from the long drives and enjoying every minute of it all. That was really fun to see. It was also keen to just go through all the things that people needed to get settled, comfortable and in a place where they could sleep. Fezzik delighted Angie as well.

I gave Bryant a nice long back rub to settle him on the futon, and then had fun chatting with Angie for quite a while about her pictures, chai, hair colors, and my sea horse with eyes of opal and horns of gold, which I had once rewarded myself with after a few months of looking for a job. It was really keen to get to really talk with her for a while. Then I gave her a bit of a shoulder rub to get her settled on the couch and then wandered up to sleep for a little while.

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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