April 3, 1998

Not Much Done

Didn't really do much last night.

The soft rasp of flint on steel, sparks catching into a soft bloom of heat and light and the flame dances softly on a nozzle the size of a pin tip. I bend it towards the black wick and the wick slowly flares, then catches, popping and crackling just a bit until the flame catches and starts to melt the wax at its base. The dark room slowly fills with flickering light.

I turn the stop closed, the taps on, hot. So hot that steam billows over the lit candles like a curtain of fog, flowing like a fast moving banner up towards the ceiling. The salt crystals are hard, rocky in my hand, lightly scented with sage, and when the handful of salts hits the water, the scent that billows up with the steam is soothing, mellow, sweet sage. A single squirt of baby oil and the surface gleams with tiny droplets filled with the ghosts of rainbows, shimmering, sliding across the water.

So I slide in, feeling the oil spread on my heater dried skin, feeling muscles and tendons clenched against pain loosening, almost popping from the release of tension, the heat making my skin nearly flinch as I slide slowly in; but it is the heat that cranks all my muscles loose as well. A slow soft slide into heated oblivion, and soon I'm up to my neck in wet heat, and I can feel all the tension in my neck coiling up at the base of my skull. Slowly, I let the heat soak deeply in, eyes closed, thinking nothing, doing nothing, feeling everything from all sides. My knee bending slowly more and more until it is at an acute angle that finally fits within the deep, small tub.

So, no. I didn't get much done. Dinner, and a bath and then wrote, on paper, something of Sephar's adventures by himself. Then sleep.

This morning was pretty solid, workwise, and lunch was just grabbing something from the deli. Tonight we're going to see Man in the Iron Mask and dinner near there. Played in Genevieve's game again, and had fun with it. Em, the player of Daimon, is really fun to play with, as, actually, are pretty much all the players. But I got pulled away on an support call for Xilinx in the midst of play, and had to abandon play for figuring out how to solves some interesting problems. That was okay. Got back to it after doing some other stuff, and it worked.

Mostly quiet day. Tomorrow should be fun when the Bay Area car crazies get here.

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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