April 13, 1998

Back to Work

Not all that much changed. All that was to marvel at was teh big black brace on my knee. Satish even noted that not all that much had happened. John and Bob had gotten a good step further with the code on the new prototype. I was fuzzy all day with a light dose of painkillers and the gentle pain of the stitches in my knee to keep my company.

Got boring things done like getting through the Scribble tutorial to get a better feeling for the way the frame, document and views fit together on an MFC application.

I waded through all my email, but left most of the things that required a greater attention span for the days when I would have a greater attention span to span them with. I'm glad that I got through it all, though, as I had a great exchange with Raven and Gretchen had sent a marvelous letter that really made me feel good about this entire struggle with my knee. There were also other really keen get-well letters in both email boxes and it felt good to read them and feel the wishes. Lunch was simple, just pita bread and hummus. Pop and dried vegetables to munch on. Didn't really go to the trouble to drink tea, too much fetching and carrying of things to justify the work on my crutches.

Did manage to get through all my PT exercises before work, and John picked me up from home as he'd woken at 5am and couldn't get back to sleep. We stayed well past 6 and got KFC for dinner. John then ran off to a meeting and left me at home with a keyboard and time and intent. *chuckle*

Tired, now. Took the painkillers and anti-inflammatory after dinner, as they have to have food in the stomach so that they don't eat my stomach's lining. It's about 10pm, now, so I should probably just go to sleep and rest for the next day. And, maybe, see what dreams appear.

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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