April 15, 1998

Company and PT Advances

Three people came over last night to help cheer me up and talk about my dreams and stuff with me. That was cool. Mostly surprise visits either set up the day before or that day. So it all converged while John was doing church meeting things. Raven came first after having rescued Fezzik from wandering the neighborhood streets, but stuffing the poor pup in the back of his car. Then Regis with dinner and then Mike Wasson with a box of Godiva chocolates. Wow.

Definitely one of the best houseguests John and I have have ever had.

That was so cool. We just sat around and talked and read the books that Regis brought where were a translation of Iniana which are the Sumarian tales of Me and a bunch of things from William S. Burroughs, not to be confused with Edger Rice Burroughs. Seems that my dreams touched off images Regis remembered from those books. What gorgeous, rich language. What amazing experiences.

I also got two shoulder rubs, one from Regis to break up the steel that was my shoulder tendons, then from Raven to help finish off the loosening process. My that felt good. As my arms and shoulders really aren't used to the darned crutches yet. It was also nice to get hugged a lot. Talked with Regis for a while and Mike went home with his four pairs of pants not too late as he has a new job. John got home from his meeting and we read him some stuff and fed him some chocolate. Regis went home when she was falling asleep.

Raven and I sat up and talked through to about 2am. One thing I kinda had fun talking over with him was that while one can't choose what happens to them, one can choose how one reacts to it, what one does about it, or what actions they take because of what's happened. That, in part of my mind, I include Lucifer with God in the realm of 'things that happen' and all the freewill being my ability to choose what to do, what to survive from what happens.

He says that I should writeup a book of Liralenisms. Yeesh. Kinda sounds like the book of my deacon's Sharing bits or something. I dunno. It's a thought.

We also talked about all the things that were going on in his life as well, and talked through a lot of things that were fun to share and think through. A few hours of good conversation. What was really funny was all the rumors he's been hearing about how he and I are having sex. Yeesh, people, if we were having sex, I would have said Sex! damnit. Cuddles are better, anyway and oddly enough my relationship with Raven is a lot like my relationship with Regis and Mike in that we're really friendly friends, able to talk about anything and everything together, enjoy some of the same things, and each of them supports a part of me that no one else does. Much as most of the Horde is, especially Gretchen, Carl, Trip and Bryant.

So that's good. And friendships like those are solid, foundation kinds of things that really make my life more stable, more livable, and richer in all dimensions. In many ways they're more fulfilling than simple romances, as all of them feed my creativity and my approaches towards life.

If not my need for sleep. *laughter* I didn't get to sleep until about 2am.

John mercifully left me in bed the next morning until I could get up and the only hard limit was that I had to get to physical therapy at 1pm. So I got up at 10am, and got myself breakfast and read books on COM and OOP stuff that I've been wanting to read before getting too much further into this design phase. So I read a lot before John got back, through a few important chapters that had to do with the reference counting mechanisms we were thinking of implementing.

John roared home and we had lunch and then we roared to PT. My therapist is Rick, who's a very soft spoken young man, encouraging but not rah-rah about it and quite capable of the things that have always made me think of PT's as really good sadists. Like the very first exercise of the day was just a simple stretch of the muscles and tendons that were making it hard for me to straighten my knee to a full out neutral position. He put weight on it for ten stretches, each time increasing the amount of weight and stretch until I was having to breath really deeply to take the weight on the points that he was putting it. The stretch did, however, get me to a 0 degree neutral position for the first time since I injured the darned thing. At a resting position it was finally at neutral.

For the exercise we'd also completely unwrapped my knee, pulled off the brace, undid all the wrappings and it was bare of everything but the surgical tape, which we left on and he said that it would likely come off in the shower eventually. But the cool thing is that he was able to show me how the muscles should feel for the exercise, how the patella should move for them, and the patella that had gotten cut up wasn't nearly as mobile as the one that was normal. The rather interesting thing was that he also showed me the bruise that ran from knee to ankle, all the fluids from the surgery still trapped under the skin.

The active straightening was still at the 8 degree point, losing a good five degrees whenever he let go of my straightened out leg. Ow. Anyway. We went through another set of exercises for straightening things, and then did a bunch of leg lifts, this time with two pound weights. Then, as if it were the most commonplace thing in the world, he said, "Walk on over here."

"Walk?" I asked, puzzled. I haven't put full weight on my right leg since the surgery, it's been too wobbly. Or so I thought.

"Yeah, it isn't that far." he said, completely ignoring my sub-text.

So I walked. Dragged the darned right foot the first two steps and then under Rick's eyes, I tried to do it right, walk with the leg straight to hit. Then he murmured something about bending the knee with each step, so I did, and then I was walking. Not limping, not dragging, not anything. Just walking. And I gave Rick such a grin, I saw it reflected on his face in his own smile. I'm actually not sure if he quite expected it to be that straightforward either. But it was.

No crutches, no brace, no nothing. Just walking. I've half a mind to just walk into Dr. Thayer's office on Monday.


But we did rubber band exercises, and then he put me on an exercise bicycle and told me to slowly turn the pedals to stretch my leg a bit. I did my usual thing with an exercise bike and slid my foot along the parts of the cycle that hurt too much and he said softly, "That is *not* slow." So I had him show me and we did the arch thing back and forth for a bit, stretching either way. I then had ten minutes on the bike. So I kept stretching and kept slipping, but less and less and then Rick said, "Hey, Phyllis, you almost have it!" "I know." I snarl back. "Oh... sorry..." he was taken aback. "It's okay. It's just..." I shrugged and struggled more with the damned bike until I had it going around and then going around at a good clip. "Wow. You're just speeding."

I just grinned. Rode the no-resistance bike for ten minutes, did a few flexing exercises, found out that I had made myself another 10 degrees of flex in the last five days, and got to talk with the intern for a while. Then ice and reading my COM book some more. Rick wandered by to see what I was reading, and went, "Woah. Important stuff." As he went around the corner, I replied, "In some universes." He laughed.

All in all a good visit. I got a lot further and I think that I had fun, and work was good after that, too. A solid thing for me to do.

I just have to work on that sleep thing...

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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