April 17, 1998

Crispy Critter

Overdid it yesterday. The single crutch was a bit more than I should have done. Well, okay that and a half hour trip through the grocery store on that one crutch and standing the rest of the time. Went home, tried to do my PT exercises and just cried for a while after attempting the first leg lifts. Yeesh. Though ten minutes of crying seemed enough catharsis for me to finish the rest of my exercises. That was pretty interesting, to know that my failure was mostly an emotional and mental one. Just frustrating to have the darned joint swell up like a balloon simply because I was trying to live my life more like *my* life.

So while I did do the exercises to the extent necessary, I didn't push them too hard.

I also stood and washed all the brace pads in the sink before doing my exercises, to give them the most time possible to dry. Also the bandage that goes on my knee, over the gauze pads that cover the stitches themselves.

Then I took a shower. Didn't do the black bag thing for my leg, but I did keep the kitchen stairs in the tub so that I could sit down to wash my legs and feet. The hair is nice to get washed, too, and with the conditioners that Raven found for me, it was easier than not. Getting out of the tub/shower is always the adventure. Ever tried to support oneself with only one leg on that step out of the shower? It's kinda exhilarating when I don't fall over or slip or whack something.

John was a sweety and after going out for a ride on his mountain bike he came in to shower and then made dinner. Stouffer's mac and cheese and some fresh sausages we got from the grocery store, which was really nice. He also is the family salad maker, and he did a really good salad. Yum.

Then we just curled up on the couch and watched more Buffy tape! Yay!

The brace stuff hadn't dried out by the time we were going to bed, the wrap hadn't even really dried out, so the only thing we could figure out was to use the old cardboard, steel rod and velcro brace that I'd gotten when I first hurt my knee and use an ACE bandage that we'd had from before to put the gauze pads against the now dry stitches. So we did. Piled an ice pack on top of that and went to sleep. Woke up around 3 am, and John did his trusty duty of getting a new ice pack, the other half of my painkilling pill and then went back to sleep while I hobbled to the bathroom. It was still stiff but a bit better.

By morning, it's still pretty tender, but not too bad, and the brace went back together pretty neatly and it was dry now. Nice to have it be clean. We dropped by Victor's and I hobbled in this time and things didn't hurt too bad, but it was still more wobbly than I liked. I have PT in a bit, then demonstrations to folks this afternoon of the documentation process that we've evolved for the design phase of the new setup. So I'll get to go through that, and the new class structure is pretty solid, now. Yay!

PT went well, better than I expected with how tender the joint was, and Rick was pretty good with it, though still did the pressure stretch to straighten the darned thing. I also managed to, somehow I have no idea how, get another four degrees on the bend. The exercises made it possible to get it to move just a bit more.

A guy next to me was just straining at his stretches, trying to get the darned leg to just bend a few more degrees, seems that the following degrees are just all the harder.

The tiny squats were wincingly painful. For some reason the tendons at the back of the knee were just unhappy with me. Entirely unhappy with me, and they said so pretty loudly then. There was a fun addition, which is getting a wheeled chair to zoom about by pulling it with the bad leg.

I also got some lessons on how to remember how to walk. That was useful because I was starting to shuffle and limp again, with all the soreness from the night before. It's still scary but possible. Good habits help.

The demonstration this afternoon went really well and really smoothly and we had complete answers to all the questions that were asked, so I feel really good about that. I also figured out more problems with the interfaces with my classes, and filled in a better set of interfaces and implementations.

Another amusing thing last night was discovering that I was deacon this coming Sunday, and it is way too late to find a substitute, so I decided to go ahead and do it and get everyone else to do the heavy lifting for me and the setup and decorating and all that. So I'll get to just do the parts that I want to do, and I made sure that I got my deacon's sharing in with the secretary. I'll probably talk about the surgery and stuff and thank folks for thinking about me. That will be kinda cool. We have a guest speaker, too, so that should be pretty good.

John's mom found out that I was going to still do it and called to express amazement. That was fun.

It's such a gorgeous day outside. Sunshine and warmth. I should probably just sit outside and read.

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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