April 18, 1998

New Fridge!

Friday night, as John and I were walking to the car, I asked him what he was thinking of for dinner. He looked at me, said, "I'm glad you asked." and then went sprinting back into the building. He came back out with an aluminum tray with aluminum foil on it and what was obviously a hunk of French Bread in foil. He came to the car with it and said, "Boy, I'm glad you reminded me. Jenny Bowns said that she made too much dinner last night and gave us some of the extras."

Extras. *grin* There was enough food there to feed John and I at least three, probably four times. John stuck it into the oven while I did my stretches and then just iced and lay like a lump on the couch. My knee was sore, and I was grumpy, and there was Buffy to watch. So we watched Buffy, had dinner, and I planned a really lazy day for Saturday.

Little did I know.

On Saturday, I did manage to not wake up until well into the day. John was a real sweety and made me pancakes because I asked for them and added sausages as well. Yum. Then I actually pulled myself up into the loft and started writing my deacon's sharing bit, and then got involved in talking with a few people on-line and by the time I looked up it was 3 pm and John had been working with his beer and needed to keg the stuff, but once kegged, it needed to be refrigerated.

Yes. Kegs in a refrigerator. Heh. The old refrigerator that we had from the house, which was in the basic avocado of yore was way too small to have both our food and his beer. So the obvious solution was to go out and buy ourselves a new refrigerator for the kitchen and move the old one to the garage to be used for John's beer (which is this lovely smooth, creamy porter so dark you can just barely see through it). But I also knew that after a morning of probably standing and sitting rather than having my leg up, that I'd be dead on Sunday and completely unable to function. So we had to get it on Saturday, or at least shop for it.

So we went to the Future Shop and wandered about for at least an hour, comparing refrigerators, talking with the salesguy, who was incredibly patient with us, and then we walked away. I slept in the backseat while John looked at refrigerators at Eagle and then he asked me to come with him to take a look at what he thought was an incredibly better refrigerator. I hobbled in and found something that was another $150 but not that much better than the ones we'd been looking at, so far as I could tell, and after a while John agreed and so we left that one and John went back to the Future Shop and bought the one that we liked the best.

Nice thing was that they said that they'd deliver on Sunday. So John's beer would have a better home.

So one big thing accomplished for today.

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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