April 22, 1998


Got home kinda tired last night, but had surprising energy in getting through my exercises. That was nice. Realized that I'm using about an hour and a half to two hours to get through all my PT exercises every evening. If I keep up that rate of physical fitness, I'm going to be damned buff in not that long a while, I'd hope.

I did the stationary bicycle for the first five minutes just as a stretching exercise, trying to get my leg to flex just a bit more with each moment on it. That is always hard, until I could get over the circle of the pedal. Then just biked away for a bit, that felt pretty good to break a cleaner sweat than I've had in a while. I'll probably up the time again tonight as while the knee ached in the middle of the night, I probably could have done just a bit more and asked John to get me a painkiller around 3 am and been fine. I'll have to figure that out.

Also managed to call for appointment times at the PT place and found that I was lucky and got the last slot for Friday with Rick. Also set up two for the following week. The week after is going to be a bit iffy as John's off on a business trip for a few days.

Fezzik was just grand last night. Happy, bouncy, ran all over the place after we got home, so that was good. It was very good to see, and he even didn't argue much later on in the evening when he'd already gone out a few times and had come back in and we didn't want to let him out again.

So that was good.

Sleep was odd last night. Dreamt for most of the night that I was Sephar, and that I'd possessed this body with a leg that needed straightening/stretching every hour or so to keep the pain down and help it heal right, so I was doing stretches in my sleep. Yeesh. I also was haring about with Liz on some job or another, and it was kinda cool because I got a really good feeling for how Sephar's parallel consciousness works getting multiple input at the same time. Though I've yet to hit *nine* facets at the same time.

I woke up partially around 3 am, as the knee ached, and tried to ignore it and go back to sleep again. It didn't really work as I woke up about every hour from then on. Wrestled with all the heavy blankets (I kinda miss my feather comforter, which is light and very warm) trying to get everything back into place and then sleep again. Maybe I should move upstairs sometime, and keep a stash of snacks upstairs so I can do medication in the middle of the night without completely whacking my stomach.

Had to get up around 7:30 this morning, as I had an 8 am appointment with the dentist to get a tooth guard made, the old one has a crack an inch long in it, and it's time. I'm going to have to have a folder for all my medical and dental expenses this year, as it might well add up to enough to claim something from the IRS next year. We'll see.

But it was the whole impression thing, where they fill a metal frame with goo and then press it onto half your mouth at a time. White goop everywhere, and it tastes of a powdery mint that just dries your mouth. Oook. Top half, lower half, and then I was done. Fairly quickly. There will be a fitting in a few weeks to get it fitted in well. That'll be keen, as the new one is supposed to be softer and more comfortable than the old one. I'll look forward to that.

Whee... work tackle!

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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