April 21, 1998

Open House

I slept badly. Probably more worried about the knee than I really should have been, but it was free of the brace. It also ached and couldn't bend as much as I would have liked, but then it was stiff from being still for so long. I couldn't help but think that that was why Fezzik was so still when we got home. We haven't taken him out for weeks, now, and that was likely the first walk he's had since Raven was kind enough to give him a walk. Poor pup.

So I'll do my best to do dinner or something while John walks Fezzik and that should help somewhat. I can't walk, but I can cook, now. Only one crutch and soon to be none.

No dreams with the bad sleeping. Ah well. The new painkiller didn't quite work the way that I wanted it to, so that was a problem as well. It'll likely get better with time. The other problem I've been having is that with the chair at work, with all the propping up I've had to do, my lower back is just killing me in various ways. Not just tight, but achingly tired.

So it's hard to concentrate on much.

So work stuff is going pretty slowly, but it's going somewhere. I'm actually getting some interface things ironed out with Bob. Also have a few things that I have to do in DDTS for problems someone else has found with our code. Not really a problem. Small things that I could deal with.

So that was good. Also found that one of the cafeteria chairs in the lunch room did wonders of support for my back, something that my expensive chair just didn't cut it with, sadly. So I'm sitting in a beat up old wire frame chair that maybe cost $30 and it's more comfortable than the many oodles of money 'ergonomic' chair that they'd bought me for my office. Something is wrong with this picture.

And in the evening, a bunch of people came for our small Open House, with lots of food from the Armadillo BBQ place. Everyone that came was either family of folks already here, or were folks that were directly supporting our activities at Data I/O. So it was fairly small, and intimate and fun for that. It was good to meet everyone's wives and husbands and kids and just see the other important people in the lives of those around me.

It was fun. But it was also pretty wearing on my knee. I stood for way too long, I think. We'll see when I actually go home and do my exercises. See you tomorrow.

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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