April 26, 1998

Sunny Day

Okay. Some of you may have noticed that I slacked off yesterday, and I did not do my exercises, just some stretches in the morning because I was so sore from PT the night before.

So I did them all on Sunday morning, and took a quick shower afterwards while John finished all the things he needed to do for brewing beer. As I showered John also made breakfast for the both of us. A stack of buttermilk pancakes and several hunks of thick-sliced bacon later I felt nearly human. John then wandered off on errands and to talk to people, while I sat at home and wrote.

I actually took several hours to just sit. Not in a very good mood, but more like that empty feeling of inertia at rest. Just still because I was so used to being still. It took me a while before I got the gumption up to go upstairs and do something. I finally made it, and was glad.

Motion is good. Once it starts to be less effort I may actually get somewhere. So I didn't quite get them all the way to flick as the connection with eskimo was slow, and eskimo's version of ssh never quite connects up, so I just mailed the entry for yesterday to flick and I'm going to put them up tomorrow, I think.

When John came back, John, Fezzik, and I all piled into the Stoat and we all went to Marymoore Park. Fezzik was all bouncey and cheerful, and he raced around the Park like usual. John followed him at a good clip, and let me follow at my own pace. It was such a beautiful day that even the slow walk was very enjoyable. The warmth, and all the greenery of the park around me, and watching the slew run by was very comforting. All the dogs were a lot of fun to watch is well as they all paced by, ran by, and played all around me. Fezzik was really into it and I could see him bouncing from side to side, running all the while, with his tongue hanging out and his tail up. It was good to see him that happy again.

Afterwards we went to Dairy Queen, and all had ice cream cones. Fezzik, as usual, ate his as quickly as he could. I still wonder why dogs don't get ice cream headaches. Then he watched me intently as I finished my cone.

John wished to celebrate the fact that I was off my crutches, so he checked out the new restaurant at the Redmond Town Center. They did not take reservations, so we went back home, settled Fezzik with a bone and let me write some more before heading back to Redmond.

It was supposed to be a forty minute wait when we signed up, and so we wandered a bit more about the mall, finding an interesting grill with cheesesteak sandwiches. We'll have to try that. I'm still on the lookout for a decent cheesesteak west of the Appalachians.

We got back after only twenty minutes as my knee was starting to ache, but the minute we got back within hearing range they were calling our name. So we got seated right as we got back. Dinner was good. Not great, but not bad, either, and everything was in huge portions, with plenty of starch for the underfed. It was solid, filling, and yummy. I had a chicken stuffed with stuffing and roasted with a sweet whiskey based sauce, red potato mashed potatos with gravy and cheese toast. John got meltingly tender baby back pork ribs and some really keen potato cakes with three cheese and herbs in 'em. That was keen. He also got salad.

No room for dessert. We got back home and he did some stuff and I did some stuff and we slept. No more vampire dreams, mostly just dreams of working with some people to help someone out. That was keen.

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© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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