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April 7, 1999
a year ago

Social Again

All day meeting today with the folks from Redmond plus all the marketing folks for our product lines and we hashed through a lot of stuff that we really needed to hash out and work through. There are a whole lot of things that have to be agreed on and figure out what makes sense. John really did a great job and I think that I am all the more aware of the fact that he really approachs nearly everything with the attitude that makes things happen, that really gets solutions rather than simple problems and turns complaints into something constructive and useful.

It's been quite the day.

It was really, really nice to get back in touch with Ryan and Bob, and I really realized just how much I missed the interaction with them when we finally had it back. We went out to lunch with them and had a great time just joking around and talking and eating and just catching up on each others lives. I think John and I are kinda different in some ways as the folks that we work with are really good friends as well. It makes the creative process so much easier when we know how to interact with the people that we need to make it happen.

The day itself was another gorgeous day, sunny, warm, and hot, so we ate outside on the patio of the Boulder Salad Company. That was fun. Afterwards we stopped at a little independent coffee roaster company that sold good espresso drinks and roasted their coffee every weekend, so it was fresh for each week. We bought some Papau New Guinea peaberry as my parents had bought that for us before, and it was really good, and the price they had was really reasonable on what I've always thought of as a speciality coffee. It smelled marvelous.

After work we met Bob and Ryan and Francis at the Homewood Suites and Ryan and Francis took us out to the house that they'd just offered on, just south of Longmont.

It was in what's called, here, a patio community, where none of the houses really have much yard, but they all share large amounts of common green area. The folks pay a bit of money for the upkeep of all that area, but then they don't have to do much yard work at all. It makes for pretty close neighbors, but the community is well enough planned out that it looks really good. There was also a playground that had more childrens climbing, swinging, and sliding structures than I've ever seen in one place. It was really great.

The house itself is brand new and beautifully laid out. The whole neighborhood looks like it would be great for walking around in and all the porches make it easy to just sit outside and watch the world wander by. I really enjoyed how that was all laid out.

From their house John and I led them to Taco Mine, where everyone got dinner and from there we went to the house and Fezzik. He loved seeing everyone and everyone sat around the dining table to actually eat. It was so good to have it all cleared and with chairs in place and everything. I liked that. The livingroom was similarly accommodating and we were soon listening to music on John's huge speakers and just going through some of the coffeetable books and through some of the things that we just had around. That was really fun, especially the conversation between Bob and John, the two of them really play well off each other.

They stayed 'til about 10, and it was really cool to entertain again. Though it did kinda strike me that in just a week of being in Boulder I've already had six different guests in our new house. Three different dinners have been served to guests and it's a fairly busy guest schedule even compared to our last days in Redmond. I was worried about being left completely alone the whole time I was here, and not having too many friends here, yet. But I think it's going to work out pretty well, now.

I also managed to play with some Sculpie II to make a tiny ink well for doing more ink blending with, without generating so much volume of ink that I'd have to go for days and days with the same color. So it just fits a pen point into the mouth and while it's deep enough to get a pen nib mostly in, it's very narrow where it can be narrow, and a quill point fits easily and I think that I might be able to just wet the point with just a few drops of ink, now rather than pouring an entire half a teaspoon at a time. Odd requirements, I know, but it's the old 'if I want it I'll make it' kind of mentality at work.

So I've made it. And it looks good. The only thing that worried me a little was my oven not quite being at the temperature that I set it at, but the temperature gauge that we have was kinda smashed by the move. Something I didn't realize until now. So we might have to get another one and the oven may work just fine.

As they all left the wind had picked up and the sky was lined with grey and clouds that would have done Seattle proud, but they were nearly another mile up, high in the sky. Sleep was interrupted by Fezzik barking and the wind just howling around the house. John didn't hear it at all, which amused me thoroughly. But that's okay.

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