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April 6, 1999
a year ago


I think we're finally grounded again. Things are solid, again. There is routine again, and everything has arrived safely and it feels different, now than it did before. It's all here, and it's all safe, and nearly all the Stuff has arrived in good condition and without much damage. So that is a really good thing, all in all. With the last of the Land Rovers here, and the one really drivable Landy finally in the driveway, we were able to shed the last of the accoutrements of the move over, which was the rental car we had for the weekend.

On the way to work, we dropped the rental off at Budget and I drove the Rangy to work with John still sniffling some from his cold. I think it was exactly the same cold I had two weeks ago, but he held it off longer, and it's not that nasty a cold, just uncomfortable.

I'm at work, and talking with some of my on-line people, and doing work type things, and installing stuff, and I talked with the computer help desk and they got me the ZIP drive I needed, and Ray did everything in his power to get me up and running on email, and I now have it working well. I'm getting back into routine and back into comfort zones I haven't had for a while, and it really feels good.

All in all, looking back, I can see that the whole move wasn't really that bad, that we worked things out and the real problems went away when we applied ourselves to them. That the only real problem was my sense of helplessness when everything was in the air and everything depended on someone else. Now that's a lot less so, and the feeling is all the difference.

I should probably put more pictures on this page, it gives an immediacy to some of it that I don't think it had before. But I always worry about bandwidth and storage.

So I have all my familiar work directories and things set up and I have all the files I was missing and I have all the utilities that I'm used to using everywhere and anywhere, and it's good to be able to work again. Tomorrow is going to be an all-day meeting, as will the next day, so that isn't changing, either, but it may be more useful with the folks that I can see everyday, now.

Got to get home, but a bit late. We had dinner, which I cooked from the Chinese cookbook. It was hot and yummy and fun to cook in the kitchen, still. I don't think that's going to wear off any time soon.

We then took Fezzik for a walk. The previous owner had told us that there was an abandoned railroad out back, and so we went out there in the dark, with a flashlight and stumbling through dried tumbleweed and the soft dirt of the horse yard, we finally made it up and out to the railroad. It was solid, well built, cleared and clean and we managed to take it for a good half mile, up a bluff and were able to see all of Erie spread out below us. There was also Boulder in the south distance and Longmont up north. All the lights shining, easy to see. Then I looked up.

Stars. In all directions, with horizons so far down it was dizzying. I'm so used to the trees narrowing the sky, or the mountains looming into my sightlines on all sides, and now there was nothing but the huge, black sky filled with light dust. It was neat.

We wound our way back, and then I had fun writing letters to a dozen different folks using quills and dip pens in Herbin mixed ink. I wanted a greenish blue, sea blue, and had fun mixing aqua with yellow to make it. I'll probably switch colors in a day or two, as I made too much of the stuff and finally had to just feed it into the transparent pen that came with the ink mixing kit. The pen is actually really cool, with a steel nib that I have no compunction about pressing pretty hard with. The barrel and feed are all completely clear so the only color to the pen is lent by whatever ink I put in it. I like that. And any amount of ink that I mix up will only last a single load, so I can change just about every two days if I'm writing a lot.

Now, that is fun.

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