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April 22, 1999
a year ago

Doggie Daycare

So. I, uhm... bought myself a new toy. With a bit of web hunting about I got about third off the retail price even after the shipping was included. So I'm happy with myself at getting the best deal for what I wanted.

It's cute.

Anyway... had a much better time today getting things done. Just functioning better today, or something. Maybe writing with a quill gets it even better through the backbrain, or something.

Snowy, sloppy, cold, wet day. Woke up to the world covered with white, the roads were bare and wet, though there was a little slush here and there, and as we went to work, more big, sloppy flakes splooshed everywhere. Fezzik came with us as we were going to drop him off at doggy daycare for the day. It gave me a little relief as I didn't really want to leave him outside while the snow piles up and things get more ugly. We're going to be putting him up at this kennel for the week we're gone to get the Passat and close on the house. It turns out that they give free daycare for three days, so we thought we'd take advantage of that both to allow Fezzik to get acquainted with the place and for them to be acquainted with Fezzik. It helped my brain to know that he was also inside on a sloppy day.

So, yes, we had a dog in doggie daycare. It makes me laugh every time I think about it.

It turned out that things really didn't get much more ugly all day. Though snow fell for most of the morning, and into the early afternoon, after lunch it turned into a steady rain. I kinda hope it lasts into the night, I could use a night's rest with the sound of rain on the roof. John's promised me a rain-sounding white nose maker, sometime. We'll see how it goes.

Lunch was with a few folks from work, as John had lunch in a meeting he was already in, and we went to a Thai place that was very yummy. I think that all software engineers are, at heart, somewhat similar. It's cool to have more collaborating evidence.

Spent the afternoon fixing things. Then we planned to leave at 5 to get Fezzik. While we were working, Kelly came and took out pictures for the new employee things that they put up here, on the intraweb, and then a lady bursts into my cubicle going "You knit!!" She turned out to be an engineer here that has really gotten into knitting and likes knitted lace and has the engineer's approach to things, which means that while she's young, she's had a lot of experience with a lot of different kinds of knitting that all work really well together. That was cool to find.

She came around 5. John came to gather me up soon after and we did, indeed, go and get Fezzik. It was a complete chaos of dogs because, in the bad weather, they'd kept most of them indoors. Fezzik was pretty happy, all together, it seemed, and wasn't that anxious, but he was pretty wired. Looked like he hadn't slept all day, too many exciting things had been going on around him. So when he got into the back of the Range Rover, he lay down and went to sleep. Which made things easy.

Since the roads were clear if wet, we went back into Boulder, bought John some stuff at Target, then we stopped off by the Whole Foods market and I went in and got some bread and peppers, while John got some beer at the nearby liquor store. The markets around here only carry really wimpy beers, they can't carry anything with more than 3% alcohol in 'em, so there's nearly nothing that tastes very good. Which is kinda sad, but the local liquor stores also carry all the local microbreweries, so we get a good sampling of what's available.

Dinner was ramen. Quick, easy, hot against the cold of the rain. Fezzik just fell over and went to sleep while I puttered about aimlessly. Did a little quill writing, tried to install the dictation stuff, but the old microphone didn't have the speech quality the software expected, and then John snapped it trying to get it to bend. I was mildly surprised to find that I didn't mind that too much. He promised to buy me another microphone. I guess some of it is that I've just lost so much stuff already it just isn't making much emotional impact. So, I'll get another microphone, sometime.

I'm half in favor of selling, giving away nearly everything we haven't unpacked, yet, as I'm just not at all sure that much of it is going to be useful anytime soon. The other half thinks it's just too much trouble.

Dessert was brownies and ice cream. Sleep came late and was fairly fitful.

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