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April 28, 1999
a year ago


Today was an emotional day, wrought with strange fears and odd twists. Part of the twist was the backlash of the Columbine insanity. Stories about various teenagers having real problems with their schools, teachers, and principals because they were so different from the mainstream. Also, reasonable stories by teenagers who couldn't understand why these things were happening simply to people who are different. Then there was the request by many of the Internet community to wear black as a sign of those who were different when they were in high school. Adults who are now some of the most technically gifted people have a deep, emotional tie to the kids that are like what they were.

So, I shopped for a black, leather trenchcoat, while fairly emotionally distraught about the whole thing. Upset over the stupidity of adults that would single a kid out simply for what kind of coat she was wearing, or condemning a kid for having empathy for the outcasts of another group. I will never get used to the stupidity of human beings, which is sometimes worse, in effect, than pure malice. The problem was that I could feel that the coat itself was not a solution, and, all-day shopping for one didn't help the feeling. Then, as I was leaving for the airport, I realized the real solution would be to give the money to a local counseling service for teenagers. I didn't need another trenchcoat. The other thing I realized was that I probably should volunteer, take the training, and act as a Big Sister to some too-smart girl here. That might be something that would actually make a difference.

So, yeah, that in addition to the fact that I was leaving on a long trip made work rather hard to get done. I did, however, managed to get back into contact with David, someone I used to work with at Data I/O, and we scheduled breakfast for Friday. That really made me happy, as I haven't seen him for years.

John and I got to the airport with plenty of time to spare. We made our flight easily, and even had time to eat something real for dinner before we got on the flight. I realized, as I got on the plane, that I've really been traveling way too much. Regis once said that my schedule made her think of a ping-pong match. For all that I miss the Horde, I really could stay home for a month of Sundays and be content.

John's Mom and Dad were there to pick us up at the luggage claim. The traffic right outside the United baggage claim was dense and noisy, but we managed to get through it to John's dad's car. They had just arrived home from Italy, so were somewhat unused to driving, but we got back to their house safely. It was a good welcome home. We got to go through a lot of their pictures of Italy, and catch up on all the things that happened in the last month. Eventually, John and I tucked ourselves into the twin beds in the guest room that our niece and nephew usually use, and fell deeply asleep

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