April 28, 1998

Adventurous Trip

Another odd day with a lot of slow aching mixed into everything. Or at least the beginning.

Got quite a lot more done on the implementation of a family of classes that I enjoyed. That was fun. I was also very pleased to see the design that I'd originally come up with at the high level suddenly make itself very, very clear in the implementation as 'The Right Way' to do all this. That was very sweet.

Also had a very intense bit of action in Genevieve's game.

Then had PT, and Rick was out closing on a house, so I had Lisa working on me and her attitude is very different, it seems, than Rick's. Oddly enough I get along very well with his gentle nagging, which doesn't seem to trigger a lot of the defense mechanisms that I've always had with nagging. Lisa doesn't really nag at all, just lets me go at it, so I don't worry too much while I'm doing things as to whether or not they're right. But that means that I don't do things as well, I think. Felt hurried in some ways.

I kinda like Rick's perfectionist attitude, I guess.

Anyway, by the end of PT I was sore and tired and I knew that I really didn't want to do anything after work, but I also knew that Things Were Planned. You see, the week previous, I'd found out that Kit was flying back to Alaska today, and that she would have a several hour layover in Seattle with her Ted. Trip found this out as well, and since his weekend is Tuesday and Wednesday, he wondered if he should fly down to Seattle to have fun wandering about Seattle with Kit and Ted and then have yummy Thai food with Kit, Ted, John and I when John and I picked them up to drive them to the Thai restaurant which was near the airport.

So he did.

Yay, Trip! He was calling himself a loon because of it, but that was okay. He also predicted all the possible disasters that might happen and listed them in great detail. But none of them happened on the way over, that he knew. He met up with Kit and Ted quite happily and they did a great day of shopping and wandering about the city, and John and I met them right on time at Pioneer Square and got to the restaurant in time to have really yummy food and even have twenty minutes to spare at the airport in which to get Stuff, check in, and exchange gifts!

So, despite my not wanting to really do anything, all this was planned, and I did them. It was a lot like other experiences I've had, where I haven't wanted to do something, but when I was finally doing it, it worked out much better than I'd ever thought. I went from being mildly depressed to being darned happy and even, as Trip put it, "burbling."

Part of it was that both Trip and Kit surprised me with gifts at the airport. Trip had asked me what I might want, and I'd asked for some more of those lovely apricot brandy cordials he'd given me before. So I thought he was going to give me about the quarter pound he'd given me before. Instead he brought *six* of the bags and so I was really, really happy. Kit completely surprised me with a necklace of hematite pearls. They were gorgeous, like burnished black pearls. She said that she thought of me when she saw them. Oddly enough, the only piece of good jewelry I've bought in the last five years was another necklace and matching earrings in hematite.

That was lovely and a good kind of shock.

Dinner itself was very nice. The restaurant lived up to our expectations and Kit got to try and get hooked onto peanut sauce. They also managed to keep everything mild so that it didn't bother most of us and still put enough red peppers in the cashew chicken for John to sweat a bit.

Trip then came home with us and we fed him to Fezzik.

No no. That was what Trip feared, instead Fezzik just greeted him enthusiastically and we all petted the Big Dog and then settled about the couch to watch the last episode on the second Buffy tape. We were too late for the new episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but enjoyed what we had. It was nice to talk with Trip for a while, give him a shoulder rub and then set up the guest bed for him and then we all went to sleep.

After all that I was really happy again. Doing stuff, even though some of the walking was pretty painful, felt really good anyway. Just to have fun and do things and get out. John was pretty pleased as well.

I got up around 2am for more painkillers, but then slept fairly well. Dreams were still all swallowed up by Sephar and what had happened to him during the day. That was okay. It was fun to watch and feel through again.

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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