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August 7, 2000
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Roses and Dinner

I have roses.

Gorgeous, big roses the color of fresh peaches. They have a honey gold base veined with red, and edged in blood. They're so fragrant they actually fill my cubicle with their sweet scent and it spills out into the hallways between so that people have ducked their head into my cube in order to see what they've smelled.


John had 'em delivered today so that I can enjoy them for all of tomorrow. And I'm breathing them deep.

A pretty good day, all in all. I actually got good work done, talked with Geoff a good deal and really well, enjoyed the simple interaction with him. Had a yummy lunch with John, James, Bob, Cary, and Ryan. We all went to Wok and Roll and had teriyaki and they had a new eel roll that I tried. It was pretty heavy on the rice, but then all their sushi rolls are pretty heavy on the rice.

It was pretty hot outside. I was glad to be in the various air conditioned spaces, and escaped back to my desk to write functional specifications and design documentation. Gotta get that done first and reviewed. That should be interesting.

John wrote Genevieve and we now have all the flight times and everything for her trip here next week. It looks like she comes in late enough on Saturday that we'll be able to do Bobfest during the day and come back early enough to get her from the airport, safe and sound.

By the time evening came, James, who is visiting from San Jose and setting the ground work to move out here, decided dinner together would be nice and there was a restaurant within walking distance of his hotel that he wanted to try. Turned out we wanted to try it too, but the last time we'd gone to the Whetstone the wait had been an hour and a half. So we thought it would be keen.

He said to meet him at seven and it was six, so I snacked and then went to the exercise room and got on the treadmill and walked for twenty minutes in the cool of the ac in complete comfort. No sweating, no sadness, plenty of water for drinking and plenty of heart rate increase. Seems that with all the other things going on in my body it really doesn't take much to get my heart rate to 120. The doc warned against going over 140 and it wouldn't have taken much. So a leisurely walk at 2 mph seemed exactly right. It was about the same pace that Geoff and I took between hotels and it wasn't dawdling but it wasn't hyperactive. So I got to relax a bit and stretch a bit as I walked.

I think if I do this everyday I'll be far, far, far more sane.

Dinner was yummy and the conversation was very interesting. James is pretty keen and he's got the pretty amazing reality of having seven kids and a wife that not only got them all birthed but also home schools all of them. It's probably the very first parental set that has actually made me feel like one kid may well not be that big a deal and certainly not something to worry about. He was pretty funny in talking about how his wife's pretty tough on whining pregnant women. I actually really liked the perspective, as I'm looking for alternatives to complaining about how hard it seems, and she seems to have done it all very practically, in some sense. I just can't imagine 12 years of diapers.

There are lots of harder things. James as also really cool and contacted one of the parents of one of the kids killed at Columbine and asked the guy to talk with our co-worker, who lost the teenage son in pretty much as senseless a manner. I would never have thought of it, but I thought it was a really great idea. I sometimes think that the one thing that the most people suffer from is believing that they're alone in thinking or experiencing or, especially, feeling a certain way. And there's no way that any of us could talk with the co-worker with a "I know how you're feeling..." that could mean anything. We had no idea. But here was someone that probably really did know.

All in all a good evening, and when we got home, Fezzik ran over to greet us and bumped my knees and got good pets and hugs and a clean food bowl and plenty of dinner. He then went outside to bark at things in his usual manner and spent the night out in the cool again. I sometimes hear him thundering his way across the porch at night, just getting from one end of the house to the other, up and down the stairs, and it feels good to know he's okay for now.

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