Liralen's Adventure Through Life
August 2000
  1: Conversations
  2: Opening Up
  3: It All Goes On...
  4: Wrecks and Diagnosis
  5: Putzing About and Dinner in Suburbia
  6: A Quiet Alternative
  7: Roses and Dinner
  8: Quiet Thirteenth
  9: An Adventure
10: Strange Daze
11: Meeting Hell
12: Six Plus Car Hours
13: Out On the Town
14: Hunting Down Books
15: Dreams, Comics, and Videos
16: Back to Work
17: Biscuits and Jelly
18: Rocky Mountain National Park
19: Waffles, Picnic and Sending Genevieve On
20: Rest
21: Writing and a Fish Check
22: Too Busy for Parallel
23: Catch-up and Resolution
24: Circus and Food Gathering
25: It's Human!
26: Walking Saturday
27: Dream, a Walk, and Hell Money
28: Appointments Galore
29: Peach and Cricket
30: Cooler Day
31: KT's, Pressure and Hunger

This August started as most do, with our annivesary. Then there was the last of a ghost. We tried to have an adventure after a fairly quiet anniversary, but it didn't quite work.

Genevieve had a very, very pleasant visit with us from England and I got woken up a lot with various writing things. The Fish got checked out very thoroughly and a sample was taken to see all there was to see.

The days get shorter and cooler and I get much busier as I get closer to a deadline I can't ignore. I still can't believe I wrote something every day for the entire month.

Fresh, locally ripened peaches are Good.

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