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August 10, 2000
two years ago

Strange Daze

Today was just weird.

So the co-worker that had the 17-year-old that was shot to death last week lost a 14-year-old son yesterday to unknown causes.

It's almost worse, in some ways. Younger kid. Another no good reason for the loss and it's on top of the other and people at work are kinda going around dazed and confused and I know that I've kinda caught myself staring at a document or a screen and completely lost as to what I was doing or why I was there or what I was reading. I mean, I read about stuff like this in the newspaper and I think, "Oh, that's awful", but when it's someone you know it's just so much stranger. It's hitting the folks that have worked here for years with the guy the worst, and with some of those that work with him every day pretty hard, too. John has worked closely with him and it's just boggling him.

This is the reality we're bringing our kid into. It's so strange. Where this is actually possible.

It hits even the newer folks pretty hard. My boss' wife is about a month more pregnant than I am and he was hit pretty hard as a father-to-be. For some of the same reasons. Is interesting to share that.

So it's all been pretty weird and oddly emotionally draining

It's kinda followed me all day into meetings, into and around other things. Our boss decided to even take a day off from training just to talk with us about it and make sure that we knew what counseling was available to us.

Just scary, sad stuff.

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