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August 11, 2000
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Meeting Hell

Meeting hell day. Though the meetings were actually pretty useful, the first one was entirely impromptu and then lasted twice as long as anyone said. The second one was also twice as long and entirely and totally dealt with utter detail of something that I don't really know all that well. I knew enough to know what I didn't know, but also seemed to help with some of the focus of the meeting. Yet both were twice as long as they originally were scheduled to be.

I had exactly an hour's lunch between them, and John and I went on a mad dash of errands.

Some of it was hardware, some of it was shopping, some of it was finding a few things, and some of it was just finding lunch and getting back to work before my 1 o'clock meeting. So we ended up in the Crossroads Mall with me finding and buying my anniversary present, a pair of Platinum with gold iridium lenses Zeros in the 4.0 style, rather than the old squared style. My old zeros are pretty scratched up, though after a year's worth of daily wear, it's nearly expected. I love the new frame and the new ear socks and the lenses are just marvelous. All the new clarity and better contrast with clearness.

Don't get me wrong. I loved my old Zeros, they were the very first pair of expensive, really good sunglasses I've had in my life. I am extremely grateful Kathy got them for me when I knew nothing about what I'd need. But it's nice to step up now that I know. And I didn't have to feel guilty, in the least, since I hadn't spent the other thousands and thousands of dollars.

We ended up getting enormous slices of Abo's pizza, I had one mushroom and a pepperoni and I ate them in my second meeting. Sadly, even with the fortification of the pizza I couldn't stop the meeting from doubling in length. Ugh.

I hate that.

So I was pretty exhausted when I was done with work. So very, very, very glad it was Friday it wasn't even funny. Got to have some fun talking with Genevieve before she took off for her vacation. She's going to arrive here tomorrow evening, and I have to be sure that I can get her in plenty of time, as the plan seems to be that we'll be taking off for Avon for Bobfest tomorrow, which is about a 2 hour drive each way. So we have to get home in time for me to make the one hour drive each way to the airport. Ugh... even thinking about six hours in the car makes me queasy.

Especially in this heat.

Anyway... got home, had a peaceful dinner with John and settled in happily to just read and write and be and stuff. John had to work on the blinds downstairs as Walt and Cathie were arriving sometime tonight, so we played one game of Crash Bandicoot Team Racing before he worked really hard. I continued playing because I wanted to. I abused my hands a bit, but had a really good time winning a bunch of the Cups in the Arcade Hard mode. It really does get much harder in the hard mode. They're smarter about how they race and the weapons get used a whole lot more.

I enjoyed that. Could just forget about everything and play.

I'll let tomorrow take care of itself, I guess.

So, as I was getting ready to go to sleep, Walt and Cathie arrived and we talked for a while, before I finally had to go to sleep if I were going to get up for a full day tomorrow. It was really good to see them both again, we hadn't seen Cathie since a few day after our move, and it was nice to just talk with her again. More to talk about, even, what with the pregnancy and all. They gave us our first baby present, a Big Dog slip-on for the kid.

We'd also gotten a package in the mail from John's Mom, and they turned out to be two baby books. I guess it's time to start stashing the loot in the Baby's room, whichever that turns out to be.

So it was fairly late before I got to sleep. I'm feeling better these days, I just hope I don't feel like complete crap tomorrow.

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