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August 26, 2000
two years ago

Walking Saturday

I slept as late as I could. I even woke up at 8 and deliberately turned over and went back to sleep. I'd been low sleep all week and had no desire to feel sick or leave things as they were. So I slept and slept and slept until about 10. I got up and showered and used a stripper on my hair as I wanted to get it dyed today and when I was done there were really great smells coming from the kitchen. John came into lotion my back and I commented enthusiastically on the smells and he said that breakfast was done.

Yum. Bagel and bacon and egg. The bacon had scented the whole downstairs and Fezzik drooled steadily at me. I finally gave him a bite of bacon. Happy dog.

John had brushed him already, brushed a great pile of fur off him, and he needed more brushing, really. He was mildly matted in various places and unhappy with us when we did brush him. There were only two things we planned for today. One was to go to the Erie festival, the other was to see if the chain haircut store (Great Cuts?) near the Safeway would redye my hair.

The Festival was pretty quiet. The car club had showed up, as usual, and we got to see the luxuriously decked out hot rods of the neighborhood. The restored, old autos with hydraulics in the back to raise and lower the suspension. Velvet interiors, sparkly finishes, and air brushed hoods. It was pretty fun to just meander back and forth and see all the prizes. There was one kid who had completely decked out a 'bicycle' with gold trim, air-brushed art, and twenty thousand shiny details for a 'No Joke' theme with all kinds of jester motifs on the bike itself, even the pedals were shaped like jesters' caps. Pretty amazing.

The normal boothes were there, circus food for good causes, the local football teams from the schools were selling shirts, there were tarot readings and massage boothes, a lady was selling kid quilts and another selling temporary tattoos. Not a whole lot was up, yet; but this was the smaller of the two fairs. The first one at the beginning of the summer had even had balloons and a kids area. This was tiny and mostly for the town itself. John got me a Erie Tiger's t-shirt, as the middle school was known as the tigers. We wandered through everything and it was fun to just see what there was to see.

We then trundled over to the Safeway plaza and the big, pale lady in charge of the four students that were cutting various people's hair in normal styles looked at me in horror and told me, with a straight face, that the State Board wouldn't allow them to dye my hair with my dye. They'd have to use in-house dyes and they didn't have that color here. In the face of her somewhat obvious panic, I simply bowed out politely. John was sad. I was sad. It was such an easy thing to do but she was so scared.

Anyway... John called Linda's shop and while she doesn't work on Saturdays he did set up an appointment for me on Monday. He has to fly out to San Jose Monday afternoon, so he didn't add himself as well. I need to get my hair re-dyed as it's fading again and I have to be presentable for the wedding in two weeks. Luckily, the color scheme is dark blue and purple, so I should match just fine. That was pretty serendipitous. I don't think I'm going to dye again or bleach again until after the baby's born, but I don't know. I don't have any other appearances I have to make in public other than at work, no special events, so I may just get lax for a bit and not bother.

So John made us both happy again with a simple phone call.

We didn't really have anything planned for the afternoon and it was getting hot. There's a new shopping mall just south of Boulder on 36 that we'd heard a lot about and it's always fun to explore things together, so we did the number one American past time and went out shopping for entertainment. The Flatirons Crossroads was supposed to be the newest in cool, hip and people friendly malls. Except for the one major flaw of not having nearly enough stalls in the women's bathrooms, it actually did pretty well to live up to that reputation. There's a kids wading area right outside the food court and a huge waterfall gracing the other side. There's bike paths, walking paths, and then there's an outdoor area as well as the indoor, two-story mall. It was, on a Saturday, a complete zoo. Kids everywhere, people crowded in, and everywhere we walked were just loads and loads of people.

I bet the mall itself was pretty happy about that. I was mildly less thrilled, especially when we had to wait a good 20 minutes for lunch at 2 p.m.. But on the whole the place was hopping and had some fun things and some things we needed. There was a place that only sold movies as vids or DVDs and I managed to snag a DVD copy of Ghost in the Machine and the full-blown many hour long Seven Samuri, which I've always wanted a copy of to play forever, and now I have it. The laser disc version was in the hundreds of dollars, this I could own for just forty. Well worth it. John got Kubrik's Dr. Strangeglove. We're going to have quite a strange collection of DVD's.

We wandered about a lot so I got more than 10,000 steps on my pikachu and it felt really good to just walk until I felt a little tired.

Home again, home again... and up to the computer to write up yesterday. Fezzik followed me up the stairs and contentedly lay at my feet while I angbanded and wrote. I scruffled him with my feet and he was very content being there. Debbie called while I did stuff and we set up a walk with Fezzik at the South Boulder Creek trail, which is different, flatter and more shaded walk than the Mesa walk. We were hoping that Fezzik would do okay on the flatter walk compared to the Mesa.

I didn't get back downstairs until 8 or so and was mildly baffled about dinner as I was hungry but entirely without ideas. I don't even remember what it was we ended up going, either. Oops.

Either way, we ended up on the couch, watching the video of the fish again, giggling at the thrashing and stuff. The grandparents are going to have to get a copy of the video, we think. Plans for tomorrow. Sleep not too late as we had to get to the walk at 9 as Matt had plans for their house.

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