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August 26, 1998

End Loaded Day

I followed the plan and stayed in bed until I couldn't sleep anymore. The problem was that the reason I couldn't sleep anymore were the four college boys outside grumbling about having to get back to work. So, I got up, and put myself together. I didn't feel like eating breakfast immediately, so took the time, instead, to wash Fezzik's wounds and spray anti-itch stuff on it. He was pretty happy with that, and even the hydrogen peroxide didn't bother him any. It did a really good job of cleaning out the areas, and I felt pretty good about making sure he got looked that.

I took the time to eat some cereal, and savored a peach. I also brewed a little tea and took the time to enjoy it. Fezzik started to get a bit impatient with me, so I put him outside.

So it wasn't until about 10 that I made my way out the door.

The next main hurdle with coding had to do with stepping through everything and making sure that all the options were exercised. There were a lot of possibilities available to the code that I added, so it would take a lot of testing. I managed to get through most of it before the end of the day, but found, after lunch, that one of the user interfaces I relied on wasn't yet in place. So, I decided to work on something else instead.

Lunch was a small adventure with John, as we went to look at BBQ's, ones that ran off of natural gas. Since the back porch was almost finished, it was time to think about what we wanted to put on it. Especially if we had to order it and it would take some time to get here. We found something pretty nice, and all the thinking about grilled meat made us hungry. So we stopped by Toshi's on the way back to the office and bought our lunches. After thinking so thoroughly about the grill, the only thing really wanted to eat was meat. So, I bought the short ribs, and they did them perfectly again. Mildly charred crisp along the edges, covered in sweet teriyaki sauce on a bed of white rice, with tangy vegetables on the side. A very satisfying lunch.

Most of the late afternoon and evening were spent wandering through code, stepping through things that can work and changing them into things that did. Slow work, but thorough. I took a little time take a look at various journals. Relax a little, and take a little time to just rest.

John is going to visit his parents this evening, so I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do. Probably make myself dinner, draw a bath, and then go to sleep. I'm tired enough. I might see if Fezzik is up for a walk, and if his knee isn't into bad shape that might be a good thing for him and me. We'll see. Worst-case, I might just do my knee exercises, whether or not we ride in tomorrow. The extra exercise can't hurt too badly.

Thing was, by the time John was done with soccer, I was exhausted. My arms ached, my voice felt worn out, and I had no clue what I wanted to do about dinner. So, I decided to go with John, mumbling something about KFC. Then I remembered that Yeh's Wok was right next to John's parents's house. So, it was possible to order a tea smoked duck. I did so while John and his dad loaded gravel into the Stoat's trailer. Isabel also had a large number of basil plants, and had more leaves then she knew what to do with. So, I cut a bunch for us, as we like eating them straight with fresh tomatoes. By the time we actually got to the restaurant the duck was done. So, we took it home, sliced up some tomatoes from their garden, and basically had smoked duck with a tomato and basil salad. Quite a marvelous meal. Infinitely better than KFC.

That's about when I realized that my arms were tired, but not my wrists. The exercises and using the dictation tools was working, and while the muscles were tired, the tendons weren't inflamed anymore. All the muscles across my chest were really sore, but I did a number of push-ups anyway. One thing I've noticed is that my right time is much more developed than my left, and I'm not having any problems with my right wrist. I also remembered in number of stretching exercises that deliberately stretch the carpal tendons. So, I started working on those as well.

Sometimes I wonder, when things hurt, if doing things will only hurt things more. But when I understand the concept behind pain as a signal, I realize that more often than I think it's better for me to work through the pain. Or, do my exercises through my pain, since I know exactly what they are doing. Work, on the other hand, is going to have to happen around my injuries

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