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August 28, 2000
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Appointments Galore

Today was one of those days. The kinds of days when someone tells me my normal weekend accounts exhaust them that I kinda giggle at and point them to one of these. So it starts with John and I driving separately because he has an 8 o' clock meeting and has decided to drive himself to the airport so that he'll have transportation back home after. It helps that work is paying for everything as he's on a business trip.

So I get up an hour after he does, and putter about making myself breakfast and Fezzik bangs on the door to be let in, so I do. He gets a bite of everything, spoiled dog that he is. A me-sized bite of scrambled eggs and a tiny bite of blueberry toaster strudel. Then I picked up all the stuff for work, took out a couple handfuls of dog biscuits and scattered biscuits all over the yard for Fezzik to eventually find and eat. It gives him reason to wander about the yard and get a little exercise.

First task of the day was getting two copies of the Fish Tapes mailed to the various grandparents. And when I got to the Erie post office it was still closed, they didn't open until 9. So I hopped back into the car, went all the way into Boulder and found that the Valmont station opened at 8! So I handed the boxes over to the postal worker and he looked at me and said, "Why blue?" I blinked, realized he meant my hair and said, "I like blue. Well, and it's mildly more subtle than neon green, hot pink, or screaming orange." He laughed, "Well, I like it." Which was good enough for me. I got the two boxes off into the mail, bought postage for another two pound package that I want to send, and that was that.

Morning was a mad rush around doing things at work. Then figuring that John was leaving at 3 and his schedule had meetings from 8-12 and 2-3 and I had a 1 o' clock hair appointment to get my hair redyed for the wedding, which could take a good twenty minutes to half an hour to get to. So I actually might not see John at all before he took off, which depressed me mildly.

That is until I found him at his desk at about quarter to noon, on the phone. I kept wandering by and he was always on the phone. So I finally stopped to talk with him and it turned out that he was in a remote one on one meeting. Oops. But he was available for lunch at exactly noon, which would cut my appointment a little close but it'd be good to have lunch with him. So we did. We both drove to the Asian Market on 28th and settled down to something completely new. He got a marinated beef dish that was supposed to come with rice paper. His dish arrived first and we looked at it a bit as it looked just like the marinated beef on rice noodles but with more lettuce. Then the plate of rice paper came. Translucent, sticky sheets that he could wrap around stuff and see the stuff, still! He giggled at it as he ate it and found it good.

I had ordered a marinated roasted duck dish that turned out to actually be a dish, i.e. in sauce with lots of yummy vegetables. I ate all the bok choy, shitaki, and straw mushrooms as well as all the duck. I mostly left the carrots and onions and broccoli as there was too much food for me. The duck was tender and sweet and spiced exotically, there was a whole star anise in my dish, which gave me some hint as to why it tasted so unique. It still had the bones and skin on it so the flavor of the duck meat itself was rich and thorough. Yum.

It was really good. And fast. One really cool thing is that we saw them frying the sweet green bean paste sesame balls while we were ordering food. Since John finished first, he bought balls for us and for Bob. So I had a warm, crisp, fresh sesame ball that I took with me. I got to hug John silly and then run off to my appointment. I got stuck by a train, and was still only five minutes late. Linda was working on someone else's hair, so she didn't mind, and I had to wait a little anyway. Just enough time to eat my still warm sesame ball, which was crisp and nutty with the toasted sesame seeds on the outside and warm and creamy and sweet with the green bean paste on the inside. Happiness.

Spent the next hour or so getting my hair re-dyed, processed, and then trimmed. I've grown nearly four inches of hair since the last dye job, which was only since the end of June. These pregnancy hormones really get the nails and hair to kick into full growth. I've been clipping my nails about every week, now, and it was funny and interesting to realize my hair was growing at about the same rate. Thicker too.

I ended up asking for a French braid as I wanted to see how the blue would show up, and it doesn't show up at the top, but all through the braid itself there's the shining strand of deep sapphire blue twining through the black. That would be keen for the wedding, maybe. Though the color itself would show up better if I just left it down. It looked very nice. Not usual, but very nice. So I might have that done for the wedding as it definitely keeps the hair out of my eyes.

So I didn't get back to work until a bit before three. I sat down, worked furiously and ran into a brick wall of possible version differences. Talked with Bill and Lynn extensively about the problem. Lynn confirmed my suspicion and we ended up brainstorming a possible solution.

That felt really good to do.

I then had to run to get to my massage appointment, but Fezzik needed his arthritis medication pretty badly, so I called All Pets Clinic and they said that they couldn't find it, but that they'd call back if they found it. So I gave them my home number and told them I might be by late and then ran for the car. I *just* made it to CeLena's on time. Lots of stress and pain in my shoulders and throat as well as my entire lower back and supporting structures, which wasn't that surprising given all my previous problems there. My arms were getting sore, but not bad, and the massage helped nip that in the bud. In four weeks I won't be able to lie on my back anymore and lying on my stomach is getting gradually more and more problematic, so I have the name and number of a massage clinic that specializes in pregnant women.

CeLena says she'll be fine, even has another client lined up and Mondays seem to be getting croweded for her anyway. So we'll see what the break does.

Got home at exactly 7:30, and I knew that APC was open until 8, but I thought I should call as I wasn't sure I'd make it exactly on time. So I called and the lady there had had such a slow night she was closing up already. Which was actually good in a way as I hadn't had dinner and was mildly faint, and it was an excellent excuse not to try and get there tonight. Tomorrow would be soon enough and Fezzik wasn't hurting too badly for his everyday activities. So I called Ricoli's and ordered spaghetti and meatballs with an extra order of meatballs and it comes with garlic toast. I also added a salad as I probably needed the vegetables. It took them thirty minutes to get it to me and I fed Fezzik and then had to persuade him to stay inside.

That was pretty funny. He started barking at me pretty fiercely, but I completely ignored him. When I went into our bedroom to get something, Fezzik followed me and while I turned to get whatever it was, Fezzik pounced into our garbage can and pulled out something. I yelled at him, and he headed right for the door to the outside and head butted it. He nearly got out as the swinging screen door there wasn't completely latched, but he did drop the garbage. I scolded him, closed the door firmly and he sighed and went back into the livingroom. Normally, when he does stuff like that I kick him outside and he knows that. To smart for his own good. But I'd left the gate open so that the delivery person could get in with no problems, and I didn't want him out in the yard when the gate was open and swinging.

The delivery lady came and delivered really hot dinner. The garlic bread was nicely wrapped in foil, the aluminum tray the spaghetti was in was so hot she put it on the salad tray so that I didn't have to handle it. Boy, these folks do good work. I hauled it all inside. And the lady took off when she saw Fezzik. So after I put it all down, I went outside with Fezzik to shut the gate. He didn't go on the gravel, and just watched me as I shut the gate.

The sky was dark with thunderheads. And the air was cool and moving briskly. Wind wind everywhere. I shoo'ed Fezzik back into the house and started closing down doors and windows and stuff. When all the gusts were left outside, I finally sat down and ate. It was really good. The 'salad' left something to be desired, a it was mostly shredded lettuce, a few tomato wedges and a little square or three of green pepper. The spaghetti and meatballs, however, made up for it in spades. They used the really thick-cut spaghetti, with a very flavorful sauce and the meatballs were fair sized and meaty and tasty. They arranged all that in the aluminum tray and then layered mozzarella on top and baked it until it was golden. The garlic bread was one of their sub loaves cut in half, slathered with enough garlic butter for good flavor but not enough to make it a completely greasy mess, then browned in the same pizza oven that gave the spaghetti its heat and top.

Happy sigh.

A very good food day.

By the time I was done it was just pouring outside. John called to tell me he'd gotten there okay and we talked for a while, contentedly. I enjoyed that a lot. I think what I miss the most when John is gone is just talking the day over with him.

Sleep wasn't easy. I had bad thought circuit going about someone breaking in while John was away, so had locked the house up tight; but it was still warmish in the house. So I finally opened the door of the bedroom. The screen door let in the night air and the cricket sounds. And I found that every time a breezed came into the room and rustled the plastic bag lining the garbage can I woke up. Which kinda pleased me as I thought, if I wake up at that, anyone coming on the porch is bound to wake me up enough to move! It made for an easy sleep that was just short in durations, I guess. Then this cricket in the house started chirping and it was very, very loud.

Thing is that in some Chinese ways, a cricket in the house is good luck; but you're supposed to have caught it and feed it and stuff, not just some wild cricket running about cheerfully in the house with nothing to eat and nothing to do but chirp like crazy at night. I heard Fezzik groan a few times during the night and move away from the sound. I finally had to close the bedroom door before I could sleep again the critter was so loud. Ugh

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