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August 28, 1998

Clean House

Today was really busy, filled with all kinds of things happening around the house. The painters were supposed to be done today, the maids were supposed to come today, and an entire load of decking timber was supposed to arrive.

The morning was spent killing a few more bugs, and lunchtime was the checkup on all the activity at home. When we got there, surprise of surprises, Fezzik came to meet us in the driveway. Somehow or another he had gotten out of his run, and was wandering happily about checking up on everybody. John and I put him back in his pen, and then checked out the house, did a circuit of the outside to see how the painting was going, and then made lunch. The head guy of the painters wasn't back from a run to the supply place, yet. So, we waited for him by eating lunch.

The house was very clean. The maids had done a good job, even though Fezzik had met them outside. One of the painters said that Fezzik had scared the maids, but that he thought Fezzik was a good dog and very nice to everybody. Not quite sure of whom to believe, but the house was an excellent shape, and probably cleaner than it has been for months. Pretty much all the dust was taken care of, all the floors had been well washed, and all the bathrooms smelled of lemon. It was very nice after such a long stretch. Someone had also spent quite a lot of time on the stove.

Every time John brews beer, the condensation on the outside of a pot falls to the stove, and the condensation, for some reason, stains the stove a deep brown. I'd understand it, if it were the brew that was falling on the outside, but it's just water. Anyway, the stuff doesn't come off normally, but someone spent a lot of time and effort to get it off.

The new paint job on the house is very nice. The main color is a deep, dark brown, simply a dark stain on the wood. All the trim is now done in a vibrant blue, not too bright, but fairly saturated to match the deepness of the brown. I really like the contrast, and its sharpened all the lines of the house much more than before. All the sun and weather-worn paleness of the old colors had softened all the lines. It was nice to have it that clear again. It was done by the national organization that hires college students at each locality to provide local service. I think it's called "Poor Student Painters", but I'm not sure. We were pretty happy with how well they've done things, so we signed off on the work, and headed back to work.

On the way to work, we stopped by the local movie theater to buy tickets for The Avengers, but the times that they had posted on the signs weren't exactly the times that they were showing the movie. They had a sign up for 5:35, but the lady said that they only had a 4:35 showing. So we decided that if John and I managed to chase down and kill our respective bugs, we'd get to go see it at 4:30, rather than later. We'll see how well he does, as I finished mine around 3:30. Haha!

John got stuck around the time we needed to leave in order to make the movie. So, we decided to take a break and see the movie. In the meantime, I'd gotten involved in Genevieve's game, for just a little bit, but it turned out that Sephar was right in the middle of all the activity. I did manage to stay long enough to make sure the party got back together again, as I was the main communication link between the two groups. But then had to bail, in order to make it to the movie.

I really enjoyed The Avengers, despite all the bad press, and all the reviews. I really liked it. Part of the reason I really enjoyed it was that the majority of the humor in the movie was low-key, almost geeky humor, highly dependent on both knowledge and word play. Lots it would go right over the heads of most people, but I was giggling through much of the movie. Even in places where everyone else was silent. The other part was Emma Peel as played by Uma Thurman, as she had all the grace, intelligence, and combat style I had hoped from the character. She really was wonderful in the role. Though, it's true I haven't seen many of the TV episodes, so I might not do as good a comparison as someone who had followed the series. And any movie which has Sean Connery in full Scottish regalia is worth at least the four dollar matinee ticket.

There really wasn't much plot to speak of. So, it wasn't a particularly complex movie. It had fun humor, some really great action sequences, and some truly bizarre British humor that worked pretty well for me, but I can see how it would throw an American audience.

We got out at an hour that was early enough to actually buy dinner, cook it, and eat it before sunset. So we stopped off at the Fishin' Place, bought some crab cakes, and went home. John started brewing some beer, while I cooked, as he wanted to finish another batch in order to have it ready for the party. We ate, watched some TV, and did a mountain of laundry. It was really nice to enjoy the clean house, and just be comfortable again in it, and not worry about what needed cleaning.

I went to sleep when I got tired, that John had to stay up a while longer in order to make sure his batch of beer got to the point it had to get to in order to sit around for a while. It was so late that we're watching the black and white version of King Kong before we were through.

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